Greene Concepts Answers Frequently Asked Shareholder Questions Part Two Following the Live Emerging Growth Conference - March 3, 2021

March 09, 2021 9:05 AM EST | Source: Greene Concepts

Marion, North Carolina--(Newsfile Corp. - March 9, 2021) - Greene Concepts Inc. (OTC Pink: INKW), America's enhanced beverage company, is pleased to present key frequently asked questions (FAQ's) from both the recent Emerging Growth Conference on March 3, 2021 and from general questions sent to our investor relations e-mail These investor questions will be covered in two different company press releases.

The video of the March 3 event appears at the following page: INKW Emerging Growth Conference link During the conference the company's CEO, Lenny Greene, and the VP of Marketing and Regulatory Affairs, Amy McNally, discussed current company happenings at a live interactive online event for shareholders and the investment community in real time.

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FAQ's Part Two:

Q: What is the meaning behind the BE WATER brand? The name comes from the tenants of Bruce Lee. Our focus was to create a brand that focused on "Being" generous, kind, strong, good, courageous, aware and patient. It harnesses the symbolism of principles deeply rooted in Taoism.

Q: What are the future brands you plan to release? Because we are flexible and adaptable, we can create just about any beverage. On our drawing board is a 24 X 7 beverage line to support you at any time of the day. This offers different and separate beverage lines for sleep, focus, workout, workout recovery, hydrate, cleanse and adaptation. We are close to releasing our Be Hemp product line on Amazon with our partner New World Health and Wellness which offers six different hemp products containing 1,000 Mg of hemp, more than double that of most like products for improved effect and healing. Thanks to our current alliances to include: Lucky Soul (SOULTOX), America's Finest CBD, New World Health and Wellness, Upstart Kombucha and SoluScience, we are greatly penetrating multiple markets while helping the world.

Q: I saw that you have a Veteran Distributor Program. What does that entail and how can it help people who have served our country? Our BE WATER U.S. Veteran Distributorship Program was developed to offer BE WATER distributorship business opportunities to our U.S. Veterans. We have a distributor in Louisiana and one just about ready to launch Pennsylvania. We are also in final discussions with nine other distributors throughout the country. For all Veteran distributors we subsidize their purchase of their first $60,000 of product to help get them up and running where they can purchase our water at a little below our cost so they may then resale and even expand their supplies, operations and manpower locally as desired.

Q: Regarding Happy Mellow, what is it and when do you see a good timeframe for the launch of this product? Happy Mellow is our immune support beverage created at the start of the 2020 COVID pandemic to help everyone's immune system in the best way possible. It contains Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Zinc and Selenium and supports stress relief, improves mental clarity and well-being, increases sleep support, boosts relaxation, eases muscle and joint discomfort. It is a hemp extract infused beverage. We are currently in discussions with a chain retailor of 1,500 stores that look to take on Happy Mellow. All the stores where we will place our BE WATER, are also looking forward to carrying Happy Mellow. We are looking to have fantastic flavors when Happy Mellow comes to market.

Q: I saw that you had the capability to supply breweries and farmers with refilling water tanks. Where do you see this in the future? Yes, we have the capability now to supply breweries and farmers with refilling water tanks. We refitted our piping both inside and outside of the plant to support and supply water via fire hoses to support industrial water sales through the filling of tanker trucks to sell to the farming community and Asheville breweries (see December 1, 2020 press release). We are also negotiating local water tanks and water silos near the plant too. This allows us to lease and rent to different breweries in the Asheville, NC area. The revenue for this is exceedingly high as the demand for our local artesian "sweet water" increases.

Q: Are there plans to add a second line in the bottling plant to increase production and drive-up revenue? At the present time we do not have a need to increase the customer sales beyond our current capabilities. As sale increase, we can add a second modernized line that would instantly quadruple our current production capacity from 8 million cases/192 million bottles to 32 million cases/768 million bottles. These are annual figures regarding our spring water cases which hold 24 bottles a case. As our sales continue to increase and we continue to white-label for other companies (we have several deals in the works), we will come closer to the need of the second modernized high-speed production line.

Q: Please discuss the packaging and recycling of your products? We are very green conscious and have a strong desire to save and protect the planet. We are looking for alternatives to the current plastic bottle to increase conservationism. We found a hemp bottle, which we looked at, does not hold up long enough. If the water stays on the shelf past the expiration date, the water will leak out of the bottle. We are reviewing other alternative sustainable products. Even the larger beverage companies have yet to solve the problem of creating a fully sustainable bottle however we continue to search for it so we can be the first to achieve this.

Q: Where do you see the company and your products being in the next 5 years and what sets you guys apart from other beverage companies? I see us in every major grocery retailer, convenient store and in multiple online locations. What sets us apart is we own our own plant, develop our own products and proprietary formulas, can do third-party bottling and labeling, our ability to respond faster to changing market conditions and consumer preferences, the quality/taste of our premium artesian spring water, the health benefits (blood pH balance, energy increase, improved physique, joints and bones), the high-quality/scientifically tested standards of our spring water wells, the high-quality of our sourced suppliers, and the emphasis on mindfulness and spiritual Taoism. While most firms use public water or purify it through distillation, deionization or reverse osmosis, BE WATER uses water from one of three Certified Natural Artesian springs in NC. Each of these factors make it an excellent consumption product. The locals in Marion, NC where our water is bottled refer the water "sweet water". Baxter Labs whose IV bag manufacturing facility located 1/4-mile from our plant (this plant manufactures 90+% of the world's supply of saline IV bags) chose this location to build their facility 40-years ago for one reason; It was the best quality and quantity of water supply they could find in the US.

Mr. Greene states, "I hope that these FAQs provide some light to the questions many of you have had. Thank you so much for being shareholders in INKW. We hope to keep you in the know as much as possible about what is happening with Greene Concepts. Stay tuned as we continue to move forward toward shareholder value and social responsibility."

About the Emerging Growth Conference

Through its evolution, found a niche in identifying companies that can be overlooked by the markets. The Emerging Growth Conference was launched to showcase niche companies in specific sectors. It identifies companies with strong management teams, innovative products & services, focused strategy, execution, and the overall potential for long-term growth.

The Emerging Growth conference is an effective way for public companies to present and communicate their new products, services and other major announcements to the investment community from the convenience of their office, in a time efficient manner. The audience includes potentially tens of thousands of Individual and Institutional investors, as well as Investment advisors and analysts.

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Greene Concepts, Inc. ( is a publicly traded company. Through its recently acquired wholly owned subsidiary, Mammoth Ventures Inc., the Company has entered the specialty beverage and bottling business and is an emerging leader in the global scientifically formulated beverage industry. Through its subsidiary Water Club, Inc. we intend to pursue subscription-based delivery of water and scientifically formulated beverages directly to the consumers home and market the convenience of this service thru social media affiliate marketing partners.

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