BuzzBGone Mosquito Zapper Debuts as Insect Killing Bug Trap

Homewood, Illinois--(Newsfile Corp. - July 28, 2020) - Buzz B Gone is an ultraviolet mosquito trap launched in July 2020. The powerful insect killer attracts harmful insects with ultraviolet light, then traps them inside using a small fan.

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BuzzBGone Safe UV Light Mosquito Killing Zapper

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Available exclusively online, the BuzzBGone Insect Zapper is only offered through Consumers who are looking to safely and effectively trap, control and kill mosquitoes this summer will be delighted at the way this unique UV light-based mosquito killer works to help create a more enjoyable, effortless, bug-free environment whenever needed this summer and fall season.

BuzzBGone looks similar to other ultraviolet insect traps. The device features an ultraviolet (UV) light on top. Mosquitos and other bugs are naturally drawn to UV light. They associate UV light with human breath and living organisms. That's why they fly towards it.

Then, when insects get close to the ultraviolet light, they get trapped in the BuzzBGone fan system. BuzzBGone constantly circulates air, sucking air - and insects - inside the unit.

Trapped in the vortex, insects get sucked into the device and cannot escape.

Some people run BuzzBGone overnight to eliminate house flies and fruit flies. Others bring BuzzBGone camping or use it outdoors to trap mosquitoes.

As a UV insect trap, Buzz B Gone doesn't technically zap insects; instead, the unit simply traps them inside to neutralize the threat.

Many people appreciate the trap system over a zapper system. You don't get the zapping sound, nor do you get the nasty 'burnt insect' small. Plus, you don't end up with a bunch of dead insects lying around your home. Instead, simply empty the BuzzBGone trap every few days to eliminate the dead insects.

BuzzBGone Features & Benefits

The makers of BuzzBGone promote powerful flying bug zapping benefits that not only lure in those up-to-no-good pesky mosquitoes, but consumers too because of the ease, comfort and effect it has when those insects simply become too much and can ruin an otherwise perfectly good moment in time.

The company emphasizes the health benefits of removing mosquitos and other insects from your home. You can reduce your risk of catching malaria, Zika virus, West Nile Virus, Yellow Fever, and other mosquito-borne viruses, for example.

Of course, most people simply don't like to live in a home surrounded by annoying insects. You might notice a constant buzzing sound, for example, and get sick of swatting insects away from your food.

Some of the advertised features and benefits of Buzz B Gone's UV Mosquito Zapper include:

  • High efficiency

  • Easy-to-clean design

  •  Chemical-free insect eliminating system with no harmful side effects

  • Portable and user-friendly

  • Plugs into any USB port or USB charger

How It Works

BuzzBGone is different from a conventional insect zapping system or chemical-based insect killer. Instead of using chemicals to attract and kill insects, BuzzBGone uses a UV light system.

Step 1) The UV light attracts mosquitoes to the device. Ultraviolet light at a specific wavelength attracts mosquitos, which think the UV light is a living organism (i.e. a food source). Mosquitos and other insects fly towards the light hoping to get an easy meal.

Step 2) Once within range, the mosquitos get sucked into the BuzzBGone's vortex. The unit has a small, quiet fan inside that sucks flying insects out of the air, forcing them through the grates of the device.

Step 3) Mosquitos get trapped inside and cannot escape (they cannot fly past the fan). The insects eventually die due to dehydration (the fan removes moisture from the air).

BuzzBGone is designed to be portable. It's a small device - not a large mosquito killer like some of the higher-end units available today. You can run the device over any USB charger - like the ordinary USB charger that comes with your phone.

Once you're satisfied that BuzzBGone has removed all insects from the air, you can leave the device running to ensure all insects are dead. Or, you can empty the trap immediately. After a few days, your Buzz B Gone mosquito killer should have dozens of dead bugs at the bottom, leaving you with an insect-free home.

Where to Buy Buzz B Gone Mosquito Zapping Killer

BuzzBGone offers extremely competitive pricing given the rising demand in ultraviolet light mosquito zappers. While one Buzz B-Gone Insect Zapper will run nearly sixty dollars per unit, users who want whole home protection against these irritating, biting bugs can opt to purchase multiple mosquito controlling traps for as little as $40 per unit.

Consumers can pay online using any credit card and will see the best pricing discount automatically applied to their order by simplifying buying directly from the official manufacturer.

Buyers should be happy to note that all purchases come with a 30 day refund policy. The refund does only apply to unopened and unused insect traps. The manufacturer does not provide a refund for any opened insect traps. Buzz B Gone is marketed online by a Hong Kong-based ecommerce company named Strong Current Enterprises. That company also maintains an office in Zetten, The Netherlands.

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