Tree of Knowledge International Corp. Announces Launch of Post Covid-19 Community Care Program

Toronto, Ontario--(Newsfile Corp. - May 19, 2020) - Tree of Knowledge International Corp. (CSE: TOKI) (the "Company") is pleased to announce that it will provide the first Multidisciplinary Post COVID-19 community clinics program through their owned and allied clinics. This planned post COVID-19 multidisciplinary clinical program will primarily start at 14 clinics in Ontario and Nova Scotia followed by expansion to other allied community clinics nationwide.

The novel SARS COV-2 virus has affected close to 5 million people worldwide leading to a spectrum of acute COVID-19 presentations from asymptomatic carriers to severe multi-system organ failures and death. As the acute phase of this disease passes, many of recovered patients are showing chronic symptoms like body pain, fatigue or mental wellness issues. Dr. Kevin Rod, the CEO and medical director of TOKI, said, "Building on more than 18 years of experience in providing care for complex health conditions, our multi-disciplinary team of health care providers have launched the Post COVID-19 Community Care Program. Our health systems nationally have bravely fought the acute phase of this pandemic and now we need to be ready for the chronic complications of it. Our goal is to assist provincial health systems and specially hospitals by providing care for these patients in our network of community clinics. Preparedness and wellness education for health maintenance of both affected and non affected members of our society are embedded in our program."

Added to their access to a large network of clinics, TOKI also utilizes their virtual care platform to provide care nationally and medical collaborations internationally.

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About Tree of Knowledge

TOKI is a public company that delivers pathways to innovative, science-based health and wellness solutions. The Company is a leader in pain management, spanning from seed to patient. Built upon an extensive network of scientific and medical research, TOK is an advanced leader in the development, processing, and distribution of focused products and treatments for pain relief. Tree of Knowledge spans the globe with its multidisciplinary pain clinics, research partners, consumer CBD products, and education and advocacy programs - all working in harmony to bring health and wellness to the world, while creating value for shareholders and partners.

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