Lord Global Corporation Provides Access to Products to Aid in Combating the Coronavirus

Lord Global Corporation's wholly owned subsidiary, 27 Health, Inc., begins marketing products that will aid the independent contractor and gig economy workers in dealing with the COVID-19 Crisis

New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - March 20, 2020) - Lord Global Corporation is a public company, traded on OTC Markets under the ticker symbol LRDG.

27 Health Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Lord Global Corporation, has executed an agreement with an organization with access to a significant supply of chloroquine. The agreement allows 27 Health to market the organization's products and services that will aid the independent contractors and gig economy workers in dealing with the COVID-19 crisis.

The revenue-generating agreement will benefit Lord Global Corporation with a new revenue stream, as well as provide the contracting organization with an avenue to more efficiently market their products and services.

One of the Organization's various products is chloroquine, a substance that has been highlighted by experts as a product showing strong potential of providing significant efficiency in eradicating the coronavirus after a short period of time. They believe that this will be a valued solution for their target market of independent contractors and gig economy workers.

Lord Global has also been engaged by Quad M Solutions Inc. to market their insurance products and services. Quad M Solutions is based on a unique business model to provide lower-cost insurance products that incentivize employees who stay healthy, can be paid with pre-tax dollars and allows employees to visit any doctor or the Cigna network of doctors. We believe that this insurance product has the potential to be at least 40% cheaper than any other major medical insurance plan independent contractors or gig economy workers can attain.

Lord Global has negotiated with Quad M Solutions to have their insurance products cover both chloroquine as well as an SOS disaster kit supplied by Conversion Lab Inc. This SOS disaster kit is a product that contains necessary survival items that an individual may need in case of a pandemic or a nuclear disaster if they were to occur.

Lord Global understands how those independent contractors and gig economy workers have struggled to find affordable health plans the meet their ever-changing needs. We believe that these new insurance packages will supply this target market, providing them with affordable health care plans freeing their resources for other revenue-generating ventures.

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