TNT Filings Inc. and Automated Filing Services Inc. merge to form Newsfile Corp.

Merger Creates Largest Regulatory Filing Agency in Canada

Toronto, Ontario and Vancouver, British Columbia--(February 16, 2010) - TNT Filings Inc. ("TNT") and Automated Filing Services Inc. ("AFS") are pleased to announce that they have amalgamated to form Newsfile Corp. The two companies have been operating internally as a single entity since January 1, 2010.

This friendly business combination resulted from sharing the same philosophy: to provide the highest level of service and quality at a moderate price.

A few highlights of the merger are:

  • No changes to the management or staff of either company
  • Over 600 publicly traded companies as clients
  • Nation-wide presence, with offices in Toronto and Vancouver
  • A leader in XBRL services; having done the first 15 XBRL filings ever on SEDAR
  • Launch of newswire dissemination services; meeting requirements of all North American stock exchanges

"This was an excellent fit, as there's a great deal of synergy between our two companies. We were working closely towards this goal for the past year," says Wasim Thaha, co-founder of TNT, a director of Newsfile Corp. and current chairman of XBRL Canada. "We're looking forward to providing a broader suite of services to our clients, including news dissemination.  Our clients will benefit greatly from the combination of these two companies and you can expect the quality of service that we have become known for to continue."

Bill Batiuk, Newsfile Corp. Director and co-founder of AFS, commented, "With offices in both Toronto and Vancouver, we are now able to better service clients in multiple time zones. Our combined personnel represent a broad spectrum of skills and experience, and position us favourably for the United States Securities and Exchange Commission's XBRL mandate."

About TNT Filings Inc.

TNT was founded in 2002 as a regulatory filing agent specializing in electronic corporate reporting via EDGAR, SEDAR and SEDI, as well as complex document conversion and preparation.  More recently, TNT had become the XBRL leader in Canada and has prepared and filed the majority of voluntary XBRL data on the SEDAR system. Based in Toronto, Canada, TNT served a variety of domestic and international clients comprised of:  Law Firms, IR Agents, Accounting Firms, Transfer Agents, Newswires and Public Companies.

About Automated Filing Services Inc.

AFS was founded in 1997 to specialize in securities filing services for reporting issuers, law firms, funds, and insiders. By the mid-2000s AFS had grown to become Canada's largest EDGAR filing agent. AFS was well-known in the EDGAR filing industry for its accuracy, speed, and client specific technology solutions.

For more information please contact:

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Ian Tennant
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