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Redondo Beach, California--(Newsfile Corp. - January 14, 2020) -, a leading financial news and information portal offering free real time public company filing alerts, announces the publication of an article discussing Colombia's efforts to establish hemp and cannabis production businesses as a means to develop communities ravaged by decades of war and poverty. One World Pharma (OTCQB: OWPC) was recently awarded an exclusive opportunity to partner with these communities through a government-backed program.

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Colombia has a long history of occupation, upheaval, and conflict. From the Spanish conquistadors through the independence movement, from Marxist rebels through drug cartels, war and oppression have been fairly consistent themes for the last 500 years or so. In the last 10 to 15 years, however, the country and its government seem to have turned a corner. There is a peace agreement with the guerilla movement and the government is spearheading reparations for victims of decades of conflict. There is a renewed focus on human rights. Colombia actually suggested, in 2011, the creation of global Sustainable Development Goals. Those goals were adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015. In 2016, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

As part of the Colombian government's efforts to improve conditions in struggling communities across the country, it has partnered with FEDECORE to fund and create an industrial hemp company that hopes to provide jobs and income to people who have long been suffering. FEDECORE is a non-governmental federation of regional and local municipal leaders focused on sustainable empowerment and enrichment of municipalities. FEDECORE partners with all manner of corporations, government entities, and educational organizations to achieve its goals. For the industrial hemp project, it reviewed many applicants before announcing a partnership with One World Pharma Inc. (OTCQB: OWPC) for the execution of its ambitious plan.

Power to the People, Without the Guns

Colcannapy S.A.S. is the resulting company. One World Pharma owns 51% of its shares, and FEDECORE owns 49%. The company's mission is to grow and sell high-quality industrial hemp in select communities across Colombia, in line with FEDECORE's and the government's goal of sustainable development and empowerment of impoverished populations. Under the agreement, OWP provides its hemp genetics and cultivation expertise to farmers and communities through FEDECORE's network. Funding is provided by the federal government. OWP then has the option of purchasing up to 50% of the harvested hemp with the intent of selling it internationally. FEDECORE will purchase the remaining hemp for domestic supply.

One World Pharma is already established in Colombia, working with two indigenous populations on the cultivation, processing, and sale of non-psychoactive hemp and cannabis. OWP planted its first Colombian crops in 2018, recently completed a 120,000 s.f. greenhouse there, is building out a GMP-certified extraction and processing facility, holds a variety of licenses with the federal government, and has 25 government-registered cannabis/hemp strains (and counting).

With many companies looking to Colombia for cannabis and hemp production, in line with the government's stated goal of becoming a major exporter to the tune of $6 billion annually, one might wonder why OWP was awarded the contract. It might have something to do with the company's commitment to and track record of partnering with indigenous peoples. "It is a great tribute to our reputation in Colombia that we have been selected to partner with FEDECORE," stated Brian Moore, President, One World Pharma. "Our Company's initiatives include partnering with local farmers and indigenous people in a mutually beneficial way. Our partnership with FEDECORE is expected to allow us to do this on a large scale," added Moore.

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OWP's Model

Along with a focus on creating sustainable and responsible business with local populations, One World Pharma has created a forward-thinking futures program that could change the way cannabis and its derivatives are traded globally. In essence, the company sees that cannabis derivatives, the building blocks of next-generation products like medicinal creams and edibles, are in essence commodities and should be treated as such. A major part of the commodities markets is futures contracts, wherein producers and buyers of commodities such as wheat, oil, and gold agree upon a date and price for the future purchase of the commodity. The system reduces risk and allows for certainty in planning on both ends of the deal.

For cannabis and hemp, OWP will commit cultivation space to plants grown to specific customer requirements, promising to deliver the plant material or extracts to the customer at an agreed upon price. OWP and its farmers will know there is a buyer for its crops, and the customer knows it will be receiving goods that meet its requirements on a fixed date at a fixed cost. Everybody wins.

One World Pharma, through its majority ownership of Colcannapy and in conjunction with the federally subsidized FEDECORE program, now has the opportunity to spread that model across Colombia's recovering landscape. Rather than employing the common resource- and wealth-extraction models of many Western corporations operating in less developed nations, OWP is embracing the Colombian commitment to empowering the very people that have been historically oppressed.

It's a story that bears following. The company anticipates its first major harvest within the month, and looks to test its export model with its first international sales in Q1 2020. Look for those and other developments as One World Pharma, in concert with the people of Colombia, implements its vision of a robust, socially and environmentally responsible economic engine that can drive real change via cannabis and hemp production.

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