LifeGaines Medical and Rapid Resolution Therapy Partner Together to Offer an Exciting New Treatment Option for Depression and Anxiety

Trusted Boca Raton healthcare providers in Boca Raton, FL, Dr. Richard Gaines and Dr. Jon Connelly recently teamed together with Ketamine treatment to help people suffering from anxiety and depression

Boca Raton, Florida--(Newsfile Corp. - January 7, 2020) - Dr. Richard Gaines, of LifeGaines Medical & Aesthetics, has worked with ketamine as anesthesia since he was being trained at Harvard. Today, in his Florida-based office, he works with ketamine in a very different way. The use of this drug was recently approved for use by the FDA in the form of a nasal spray for treatment-resistant depression. Dr. Richard Gaines and his team of physicians now administer ketamine in his office to help patients who have depression, anxiety, heartbreak, grief, sexual issues, addiction, relapse prevention​, or other chronic illnesses.

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Ketamine has been shown to be effective in treating depression according to The Mental Health Clinician. As a dissociative, ketamine therapy helps patients disconnect from their emotional and physical pain. For people with severe depression and intrusive thoughts, this is much-needed relief. Dr. Richard Gaines is passionate about providing relief to his patients.

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​Ketamine treatment at LifeGaines, has combined its healing plan with Rapid Resolution Therapy from Jon Connelly, to provide relief for people with chronic physical and emotional pain.

Dr. Jon Connelly, founder of Rapid Resolution Therapy, and Dr. Richard Gaines aim to help more patients find long-term relief from their symptoms. Rapid Resolution Therapy is a treatment modality that helps people uncover the root causes of their depression and anxiety with a conversation. Unlike traditional therapy, this conversation doesn't focus on the past and is curated with specific wording and body language that activates parts of the brain needed to create lasting behavior change. Dr. Gaines and Dr. Connelly administer healing and growth by providing acute relief from symptoms with ketamine therapy and resolving the root cause that keeps the depression, anxiety, and ideations returning with Rapid Resolution Therapy.

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LifeGaines Medical & Aesthetics and Rapid Resolution Therapy offers a package that includes three Rapid Resolution Therapy sessions and six ketamine treatments. Patients will receive ketamine treatment from Dr. Gaines' team and therapy sessions from Dr. Connelly's team at their offices, which are both located in the same building at 3785 North Federal Highway in Boca Raton, Florida. These two practices provide a unique, effective option for people who feel low and disconnected. Those seeking relief from intrusive thoughts, anxiety, depression, heartbreak, addiction, PTSD or chronic pain and fatigue will benefit most from this treatment package offered by some of South Florida's leading professionals. To schedule treatment, contact LifeGaines Medical & Aesthetics at 561-931-2430.

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