Drowning in Ditch Weed - Canada's Oversupply Endgame

Grizzle releases report on the cannabis industry's oversupply endgame.

Toronto, Ontario--(Newsfile Corp. - December 10, 2019) - In 2017 Canada was ground zero for the world's next big investment trend - legal recreational cannabis. "Corporate cannabis" was sold to retail investors as the opportunity of a lifetime. The irony was that cannabis was the only consumer sector where the vast majority of the management teams and bank analysts had no real connection to the product being sold.

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Boomers in suits who didn't smoke pot selling "alternative realities" to investors who didn't smoke pot, a comical set up at best. The absurdity was highlighted in-depth nearly 2 years ago by Grizzle.

Fast forward to 2019, and the industry is staring at an oversupply of cannabis in excess of 5x legal demand, a lack of access to capital and stock prices down 50% or more. How does it all end?

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Table 1: Canadian cannabis supply and demand

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In a first of its kind report, Grizzle provides one of the industry's most comprehensive looks at supply and demand and outlines investment strategies to navigate the choppy market conditions coming 2020.

Read the full report.

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