Canna-V-Cell Sciences Inc. July 9th, 2019: Shareholders Letter

Vancouver, British Columbia--(Newsfile Corp. - July 9, 2019) - I am happy to have this opportunity to write my first opened letter addressed to you, the shareholders of Canna-V-Cell (CSE: CNVC). As you all know, we started our journey in October of last year with the major task of adapting the breakthrough proprietary and patented biofarming technology to Cannabis. Biofarming enables the production of all the active ingredients without growing the plant itself. So far, we have been following the development program we started and I am happy to tell you that we are ahead of the plan. To date, we have achieved the following:

  1. Obtained all required regulatory approvals to conduct the R&D program including growing our own plants from which we build the cell banks.
  2. Built all required facilities and equipped labs to implement the development program.
  3. Screened a significant amount of strains and zoomed on the most adequate ones.
  4. Grew the cells in a solid state and produced calluses.
  5. Identified the trichomes (with active ingredients) in the calluses.
  6. Created the cell banks required for the biofarming process.
  7. Started growing Cannabis cells in liquid medium in suspension. This is one step before the growth of Cannabis in the bioreactors.
  8. As announced in a recent news release on June 25th, we have engaged Flinnwest Solutions ($12,037.50/month) and INN Services ($3,292.00/month) to further enhance communication with the investment community and to assist with Digital Marketing. Both agreements are on a one (1) year term.

Given all these achievements in record time and the fact that we have the know-how and the same original team that developed the biofarming technology, we are very confident in our ability to deliver on the program and demonstrate the feasibility of this unique technology to Cannabis.

I trust you understand the meaning of such success. It is no less than a revolution in the cannabis industry as we improve dramatically (in some parameters by an order of magnitude) the production process of active ingredients and ultimately obsolete the need to grow Cannabis in the current conventional methods. Our cannabis active ingredients are identical to dry cannabis bud and contain the entourage effect with the advantages of consistency, purity and much lower costs.

I wish you all an enjoyable summer break. This summer at Canna-V-cell we continue to work diligently to achieve the goals to bring the biofarming revolution to the world.

About Canna-V-Cell Sciences Inc.

Based in Vancouver BC, Canna-V-Cell Sciences Inc. (CNVC) is the exclusive Cannabis worldwide licensee of the proprietary and patent protected BioHarvest technology. It is the first and only industrial large scale plant cell growth technology capable of directly and constantly producing the active plant ingredients without the necessity to grow the plant itself. By adopting this technology and building adequate cells production capacity, Canna-V-Cell's objective is to become the leading supplier of Cannabis for both the medicinal and recreational legal use.

Canna-V-Cell Sciences Inc.

Dr. Zaki Rakib
CEO & Director

For further information, please contact:

Local Phone: 604.373.4774
Toll Free: 833.727.4774

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