Flavocure Pancreatic Drug Discovery Attracts Major Asian Equity Investor

Baltimore, Maryland--(Newsfile Corp. - April 9, 2019) - Dr. Henry Lowe, the executive Chairman of Flavocure Biotech Inc, today announced that Denning Growth Fund ("DGF") has invested $1.5 million USD in Flavocure Biotech, Inc. a disruptive innovator in oncological drug discovery. DGF, which is controlled by one of Asia's richest tycoons, has added Flavocure to their life sciences portfolio. Dr. Henry Lowe stated, "The potential efficacy of Flavocure's drug has been validated in a large cohort study completed by Harvard University Medical School. The collaboration has successfully demonstrated the immunoadjuvant activity of our drug, one of the most desirable characteristics for pharmaceutical adoption in cancer therapy today."

Flavocure's Executive Vice Chairman, Clark Swanson noted, "Our drug achievements have demonstrated consistent progress towards an addressable market that exceeds $4 billion. The demand is only underscored by the few options that pancreatic cancer patients have today and their poor prognosis." He continued, "The DGF investment is a testament to these milestone achievements and our ongoing successful collaboration with Harvard."

Earlier this year, Flavocure announced that it has initiated Investigational New Drug (IND) enabling studies for its cannabis derived drug, FBL-03G. When completed, the studies will provide the company with the requisite data to attain IND status from the FDA. The effort is expected to be completed this year, following which, the company will undertake Phase 1 clinical trials initially targeting pancreatic cancer.

The drug FBL-03G has also shown promise for glioblastoma multiforme also known as "GBM". Once the drug has attained IND status, Flavocure intends to initiate phase 1 studies in patients diagnosed with this deadly form of brain cancer.


Clark Swanson, Executive Vice Chairman

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