CBIH Submits Groundbreaking Cannabis Patents for Breast and Pancreatic Cancer Treatments

July 01, 2024 8:00 AM EDT | Source: Cannabis Bioscience International Holdings

Houston, Texas--(Newsfile Corp. - July 1, 2024) - Cannabis Bioscience International Holdings (OTC Pink: CBIH) is excited to announce the submission of our inaugural pair of patents, focusing on novel treatment methodologies for breast and pancreatic cancers, for legal review and subsequent registration.

Our dedicated scientific team has invested countless hours in research, culminating in the development of innovative treatment approaches specifically designed to tackle breast and pancreatic cancers. These conditions, affecting millions globally, present unique challenges due to their prevalence and the severity of their outcomes. Breast cancer, for instance, impacts approximately one in eight women in the United States over their lifetime, while pancreatic cancer is notorious for its late-stage diagnosis and grim prognosis, with a five-year survival rate below 10%.

Jennifer Salguero, PhD in Science with emphasis on Microbiology, highlights the urgency and strategic focus of our approach: "Given the stark statistics associated with these cancers, our team recognizes the critical need for aggressive yet targeted interventions. Our aim is to not only target the tumors but also safeguard surrounding tissues, leveraging the inherent antitumor properties of cannabinoids."

CBIH aims to accelerate our pace of innovation by submitting an additional 3 to 4 patents per month throughout the remainder of the year. Among our top priorities are patents related to the treatment of herpes zoster, knee osteoarthritis, and Alzheimer's disease, harnessing the antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotective benefits of cannabinoids.

To support this goal, we are expanding and strengthening our research team, focusing on patent and formulation development. We are honored to welcome Sheila Tarqui, with a comprehensive background in biology, pharmaceutical chemistry, public health, and dermatic cosmetics, enriched by her education from Ricardo Palma University, María Auxiliadora University, San Juan Bautista Private University (Peru), and Francisco de Vitoria University (Madrid, España), makes her an invaluable addition. We expect Tarqui's expertise will significantly contribute to advancing our innovation and maintaining our high standards of excellence.

Moreover, we are proactively trying to recruit medical specialists in oncology and cardiology to deepen our exploration of cannabis compounds' therapeutic applications. Despite substantial existing research, cardiovascular diseases persist as the world's leading cause of death, with limited understanding of cannabinoids' potential in this field. Identifying this as an emerging opportunity, we see the combination of cardiovascular medicine and cannabinoid research as a promising path for developing innovative treatments. Our recruitment efforts aim to fill this knowledge gap and unlock new possibilities for addressing prevalent and life-threatening conditions worldwide.

"These strategies contribute to securing and protecting our intellectual property which is paramount. By harnessing cutting-edge therapies, artificial intelligence, and advanced biotechnological techniques, we aim to safeguard and successfully market our groundbreaking medical advancements," says Rosangel Andrades, Research and Development Department Director.

We remain steadfast in our mission to leverage the full potential of cannabinoids to improve patient outcomes and contribute to global health initiatives. At CBIH, we are redefining medicine and treatment strategies.


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