24/7 Market News Interviews Daniel McClory, Executive Chairman of Brera Holdings

April 23, 2024 9:03 AM EDT | Source: 24/7 Market News

Denver, Colorado--(Newsfile Corp. - April 23, 2024) - 247marketnews.com, a pioneer in digital media dedicated to the swift distribution of financial market news and information, today publishes an interview with Daniel McClory, Executive Chairman of Brera Holdings PLC (NASDAQ: BREA) ("Brera Holdings").

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Brera Holdings Director Chris Gardner (left) and Executive Chairman Dan McClory (right)

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24/7 Market News ("24/7")- You've been involved in many high-profile investment banking transactions. What are your favorite sectors and how does Brera Holdings compare?

Daniel McClory ("DM")- My favorite companies to work with are those that solve big problems and/or improve lives, so I am fortunate to have been involved in numerous tech and biotech transactions that have achieved those outcomes, and empowered founders to IPO on leading global stock exchanges.

While Brera Holdings may not save lives in the medical sense like some of the biotech companies that I've financed over the years, soccer and other sports empower and encourage people and are a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle, so I'm excited that we're becoming important societal pillars in the communities where we operate clubs.

24/7- It appears that you beat everybody to the punch, concerning multi club professional sports team ownership via the public markets. What inspired you to move forward with Brera Holdings?

DM- While I'm passionate about sports, this is a business and the industry has a lot of unrealized upside, so I'm motivated by the economic fundamentals and I think that Brera Holdings is in the right place at the right time. Listing on Nasdaq as the first Italian football team to do so very early in Brera's development of the MCO model created the publicly-traded platform to execute on all our other acquisitions, including our current focus on acquiring a Serie B club.

24/7- over the past week or two, I've seen Brera's name mentioned in increasing Italian Media and club fan site reports. How is that progressing and why pick a Serie B club?

While I'm unable to provide any specifics, at this time, I'm more than happy to comment on Italian football's rich history and culture. Italian professional football tends to be among the best and it's experiencing a tremendous upswing, as its Serie A already secured one of the two additional UEFA Champions League spots. Serie B is a very strong and desirable league, but developing a Serie B club that's capable of earning a Serie A promotion is our goal.

24/7- Speaking of landing the first punch, professional sport team ownership is in the midst of a financial sector Renaissance and leading investment banks, like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan, established professional sports specific investment banking divisions. How will those moves affect the sports ownership and investment market and how do you plan to stay at the tip of the spear?

DM- The sports industry's economic impact is already substantial, but it's still growing, so it makes sense for these iconic investment banks to make their move.

As long as we remain true to our mission, democratizing the pro sport ownership opportunity for masses of Nasdaq investors, we should remain ahead of the curve, on many of our initiatives, and, frankly speaking, we plan to slide into the slipstream of some of the significant tailwinds that they're going to produce, but look for Brera to find and exploit valuation arbitrages every day.

24/7- Deloitte, a leading consultancy firm, predicts that high-value sports properties will reach unprecedented valuations this year, with institutional investors keenly eyeing the industry for potential opportunities. What will it take for the masses to recognize these opportunities that have already captured the attention of many internationally recognized billionaires?

DM- I agree with their take and I'm sure that the projected explosion in interest is factored in their industry predications. Plus, professional sports are one of the most effective avenues for product marketing and sponsorships, which adds fuel to that fire, but I believe that the masses have already taken note and we're providing an option for this expanding market.

24/7- What changes would you implement over the next year or two for Brera Holdings?

DM- We're going to continue to push forward with our plan to acquire sports clubs that we believe have significant economic upside and strengthen our MCO strategy, but I think that one of our most important missions for the next two years is to capitalize on the unique convergence of events that should drive soccer's popularity to the next level, especially in the US.

The Wrexham television series is attracting casual fans and providing a little background into the international professional soccer business, but that's going to pale in comparison with what's just around the corner. The US will be the epicenter of the football world, by hosting the 2024 Copa America, the 2025 FIFA Club World Cup, and the 2026 FIFA World Cup, which the experts project will explode the sport's popularity.

Brera Advisory Board member Alan Rothenberg was in charge of the US hosting of the 1994 World Cup, which is widely considered to be the most successful ever, but this one could outdo that.

Considering that one of our key goals is to turn the growing fan base into our supporters and new stakeholders, I couldn't think of a better set of upcoming market drivers.

24/7- Thank you for taking the time for today's interview and I look forward to our next conversation.


Brera Holdings PLC (NASDAQ: BREA) is focused on expanding its social impact football (American soccer) business by developing a global portfolio of emerging football and other sports clubs with increased opportunities to earn tournament prizes, gain sponsorships, and provide other professional football- and sports-related consulting services.

The Company seeks to build on the legacy and brand of Brera FC, the first football club that was acquired by the Company in 2022. Brera FC, known as "The Third Team of Milan," is an amateur football association which has been building an alternative football legacy since its founding in 2000. The Company owns the trademarked FENIX Trophy Tournament, a non-professional pan-European football competition recognized by UEFA, inaugurated in September 2021 and organized by Brera FC. "FENIX" is an acronym for "Friendly European Non-professional Innovative Xenial." BBC Sport has called the FENIX Trophy "the Champions League for amateurs," and Brera FC hosted the 2023 finals at Milan's legendary San Siro Stadium. In October 2022, the Internet Marketing Association at its IMPACT 22 Conference named Brera FC as its award recipient for "Social Impact Through Soccer," recognizing the Company's focus at an international level with this distinction.

In March 2023, the Company expanded to Africa with the establishment of Brera Tchumene FC, a team then admitted to the Second Division League in Mozambique, a country of nearly 32 million people. Brera Tchumene FC won its post-season tournament and in November 2023 was promoted to Mocambola, the First Division in Mozambique. In April 2023, the Company acquired 90% of the European first division football team Fudbalski Klub Akademija Pandev in North Macedonia, a country with participation rights in two major Union of European Football Association ("UEFA") competitions.

In June 2023, Brera acquired a strategic stake in Manchester United PLC, a portion of which was subject to a tender offer by Sir Jim Radcliffe and sold at a 74% realized gain. In July 2023, the Company completed the acquisition of a majority ownership in the Italian Serie A1 women's professional volleyball team UYBA Volley S.s.d.a.r.l. In September 2023, the Company assumed control of Bayanzurkh Sporting Ilch FC, a team in the Mongolian National Premier League, which became Brera Ilch FC when the football season resumed in March 2024.

In January 2024, the Company announced the launch of a proactive search for an Italian Serie B football club target designed to bring multi-club ownership of the highest tiers of professional sports to mass investors through the Company's Nasdaq-listed shares. In February 2024 the Brera Holdings Advisory Board was established with MLS founder and World Cup director Alan Rothenberg, luxury lifestyle executive Massimo Ferragamo, sports business leaders Paul Tosetti and Marshall Geller, and Italian football icon Giuseppe Rossi. Brera Holdings PLC is focused on bottom-up value creation from undervalued sports clubs and talent, innovation-powered business growth, and socially-impactful outcomes. See www.breraholdings.com.

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