Micromine Promotes the Release of Micromine Origin Grade Copilot with Professional Flight Simulator at PDAC Booth #601

PDAC Attendees Can Book a Flight Simulator Ticket Online and Compete to Win a Real-Life Aerial Tour of Toronto

February 29, 2024 1:01 PM EST | Source: Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC)

Toronto, Ontario--(Newsfile Corp. - February 29, 2024) - Micromine, the world leader in next-generation technology for mining, has released its newest feature within Micromine Origin software, Micromine Origin Grade Copilot.  This powerful cloud-based, AI-driven tool serves the role of a skilled ally, able to offer an independent supplementary perspective to support and authenticate conventional resource estimation methods.  Emphasizing the copilot concept, the company will host a fun state-of-the-art flight simulator at their PDAC booth (#601), March 3-6. Convention attendees are encouraged to book a flight simulator ticket online.  The best pilot at PDAC will win a real-life aerial tour of Toronto.  

Micromine Origin Grade Copilot harnesses the power of neural network modeling to autonomously create robust models and estimates. The tool can quickly highlight trends and relationships, allowing the exploration of alternative approaches. The feature is available as part of a Micromine Origin subscription, the industry-leading mineral exploration software tailored for geologists and exploration teams.

Micromine Origin Grade Copilot offers independent, actionable insights and guidance to Resource Geologists at three critical points in the resource estimate workflow:

1.  At the beginning of the Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) for guidance: highlighting trends and relationships, leading towards an in-depth understanding of the nature of a deposit.

2.  Towards the end of the EDA for validation: offering an independent view of interpretations, allowing users to test alternate geological scenarios. 

3.  During the validation phase to assess existing resource estimates: evaluating a model’s performance without the need for re estimation. 

"We are determined to prove to every geologist how powerful neural networks are at revealing new insights or confirming interpretations, and the unmatched level of confidence they provide compared to existing methods," remarks Victor Cha, Product Strategy Manager for Micromine Origin. "Our Grade Copilot users are ecstatic with the efficiency gains and newfound insights, which allow for a deeper understanding of their deposits, increased productivity, and ample opportunity for higher-level thinking."

PDAC attendees are encouraged to visit Micromine at Booth #601 to see the revolutionary Micromine Origin Grade Copilot in action for themselves. Visitors can also pick up a flight simulator ticket, or schedule a simulator experience here.  Note: all simulator “pilots” must be registered for the PDAC conference.

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