World Mobile Launches Its AirNode Sales Platform in Reno Following a Successful Trial Process

The launch of AirNode sales accelerates World Mobile's decentralized U.S. wireless network deployment, arriving on the heels of an accomplished pilot project in Reno, NV to enable users to earn rewards by connecting their local community

February 28, 2024 10:20 AM EST | Source: Asiacryptos

Reno, Nevada--(Newsfile Corp. - February 28, 2024) - World Mobile, the first global mobile network powered by blockchain technology and the sharing economy, announces the global launch of its AirNode Sales Platform, enabling users to purchase an AirNode and reserve a deployment location anywhere in Reno, Nevada. The rollout follows months of research and testing in the city that successfully illustrated World Mobile's solutions to close connectivity gaps across the U.S. through community-based connectivity and its decentralized physical infrastructure (DePIN).

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Although northern Nevada has become a burgeoning region for tech startups fuelling job and population growth, its consistent connectivity gaps underscore the estimates that roughly 24 million Americans lack access to high-speed internet access, according to McKinsey. This number indicates that the connectivity divide is not reserved for remote locations. With the U.S. Congress allocating $100 billion to help states bring high-speed connectivity to every American household, novel solutions are necessary to bolster these efforts and create infrastructures that can easily connect and reward communities.

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To examine the connectivity challenges, World Mobile launched its pilot project in Reno in late 2023 and immediately uncovered a distinct lack of coverage-even in hotspots such as the city's airport or downtown. Likewise, Reno's widespread connectivity issues are exacerbated in indoor settings, with signals becoming significantly weaker inside buildings throughout the city.

The trial also indicated the consistent demand for high-speed connectivity in Reno, with an AirNode garnering 130,000 network-attach attempts in one month alone. Likewise, another test showed that on a single rooftop with just one radio and one sector, an astonishing 10,440 unique handsets attempted to connect to the World Mobile network within 24 hours.

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The general AirNode Sales Platform launch now arrives after gathering critical insights and feedback thanks to World Mobile's comprehensive connectivity mapping and on-the-ground results from its community members and app users utilizing its Scan For Points feature. A continued rollout in Reno includes a first batch of 20 AirNodes available for purchase, with future batch releases marking a progressive phase in telecom innovation and connectivity.

AirNodes are radio devices that establish access to the World Mobile network for calls and data, empowering owners to connect their community to the decentralized wireless network. Recently securing licensed spectrum across California, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah has enhanced the network's reach and functionality throughout the country.

AirNode owners earn rewards through network usage utilizing Band 71 and Band 48 (CBRS) spectrum for a dynamic hybrid network that ensures high-speed, long-range connectivity in rural and urban areas. AirNodes, compatible with CBRS or Band 71, are purchasable at, with plans for expanded locations across the U.S. and international markets, in addition to a wider range of hardware options in the coming months.

Individuals can actively participate by becoming AirNode Operators-earning rewards through purchasing, hosting, and operating AirNodes on their properties. Individuals can also participate by offering the opportunity to host an AirNode at their property (AirNode Hosts), without purchasing the infrastructure. This enables users to earn rewards remotely through a matching system that pairs registered AirNode Hosts with individuals from anywhere worldwide who wish to become Remote AirNode Operators.

World Mobile is making this announcement while attending the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona where it received the GSMA Foundry Excellence Award for its Mozambique aerostat deployment. This recognition demonstrates World Mobile's dedication to solving the challenges of global under-connectivity through disruption in the mobile industry.

"With our AirNode Sales Platform, we are revolutionizing the way people access and provide connectivity," says Micky Watkins, CEO of World Mobile. "Our platform allows anyone to purchase, host, or operate an AirNode, and earn rewards for doing so. This is a win-win situation for everyone involved, as it lowers the barriers to entry and increases mobile network coverage and quality. Reno is our first destination, but we have big plans to scale up and reach more regions in the future."

"Our AirNode Sales Platform is a novel approach that integrates our decentralized AirNode infrastructure and our sharing economy concept," affirms James Tagg, Chief Architect at World Mobile. "Our platform allows users to buy, host, or operate an AirNode, incentivized by rewards. We are using licensed and shared spectrum to create a strong and versatile network that can cater to a varied and growing user base. Reno is our starting point, and we are eager to see the impact."

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