Qingdao's Second GuangJieLi Festival Celebrated, Showcasing City's Traditional and International Features

February 19, 2024 9:42 AM EST | Source: Shenzhen Bowen Media Infotech Co.,Ltd.

Qingdao, China--(Newsfile Corp. - February 19, 2024) - During the Spring Festival in the Year of the Dragon, Qingdao, China, welcomed a grand cultural celebration-the second GuangJieLi Festival. This festival aims to boost local economic and cultural development, bringing Qingdao's historical culture and modern allure closer to a broader audience.

This year's GuangJieLi Festival plunged visitors into a rich festive atmosphere with activities such as market exhibitions, cultural performances, gourmet wine and food tastings, and opportunities for prayer and travel photography. It is reported that this edition of the GuangJieLi Festival attracted millions of visitors, injecting new energy into Qingdao's tourism sector.

Exhibitors from around the globe showcased their unique products, offering an international shopping extravaganza to attendees. Simultaneously, Qingdao's heritage brands were also highlighted, showcasing the city's historical and cultural essence to the audience.

The GuangJieLi Festival serves as a platform for these heritage and established brands to be showcased and discussed, fostering wider recognition and appreciation of these traditional brands. The Zhongshan Road Time-Honored Brand History and Culture Exhibition stood out as a focal point of the event. This exhibition, by featuring Qingdao's time-honored brands, shared the city's historical depth and cultural heritage with attendees. These brands symbolize not just Qingdao's traditional craftsmanship but also its journey towards modernization. For time-honored and established brands, the GuangJieLi Festival offers a unique opportunity. Participating in the festival allows these brands to highlight their distinctiveness and strengths, thereby enhancing their visibility and reputation. Moreover, engaging with other brands and businesses opens avenues for learning new concepts and technologies, further spurring innovation and growth.

Besides, the GuangJieLi Festival attracted participation from numerous renowned companies, including Huawei and Haier. These companies presented their latest products and technologies, providing a technological spectacle for the audience. Their involvement also underscores Qingdao's status as a pivotal economic hub in China.

The GuangJieLi Festival also serves as a catalyst for stimulating domestic demand and securing a prosperous start to the New Year, blending traditional festivity with international flair. As a new format following urban renewal, the festival has emerged as a central element in developing a nightlife culture and tourism consumption hub in Shinan District, Qingdao.

The GuangJieLi Festival has positively impacted Qingdao's city branding, tourism promotion, and facilitation of community and international exchange. Through this event, Qingdao showcased its unique cultural appeal and modern achievements to the world, drawing more visitors, investors, and partners.

The second GuangJieLi Festival in Qingdao was a cultural triumph, enriching visitors' experiences and contributing to the city's economic and cultural growth. Looking ahead, Qingdao plans to organize more such events, offering domestic and international tourists further opportunities to explore and experience the city.


Organizing Committee of the GuangJieLi Festival

Zhou Xiaolan


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