NauticEd and AI Alex are Making Waves in VR Sailing

UneeQ designs first digital human for sailing education and adventures

February 14, 2024 9:00 AM EST | Source: UneeQ

Austin, Texas--(Newsfile Corp. - February 14, 2024) - Alex, the sailing AI human, has climbed aboard NauticEd, an education platform that makes it simple to learn about sailing without getting wet. Visitors to the site can now have a quick (or in-depth) conversation with Alex who's equipped to answer questions about sailing terms and techniques, how to get started in sailing, what courses to take, or what certifications and licenses are required to take a sailing vacation in places like Greece, Italy, Croatia, and more.

Using VR and advanced AI, NauticEd is upending sailing education and making it more accessible. A newbie sailor in Hawaii and a NauticEd instructor in Austin, TX recently donned VR headsets - they were instantly transformed onto a sailboat in Sydney Harbour where the instructor was able to teach the student how to sail.

Designed by generative AI digital human company, UneeQ, Alex is "wickedly smart" and can help students understand what to do when there's a sudden wind gust, or when to pull in the mainsheet, for example. "Digital humans can draw upon a vast amount of information and instantly provide answers about technical topics or specific company product questions," explains Danny Tomsett, CEO/Founder, UneeQ.

Alex is also available 24/7 to answer questions for travelers looking to book sailing adventures, from providing information on the best time of year to sail in various locations or connecting to NauticEd agents for a seamless experience. "People are hardwired to connect with a human face and voice, so Alex is designed to meet those emotional needs and build rapport and trust, while also reducing friction for sales and customer service," adds Tomsett.

According to NauticEd founder, Grant Headifen, "Collectively, employing Alex - AI and simultaneously implementing Virtual Reality training has propelled NauticEd further into the 21st century than most training companies on our watery planet. Alex - AI seamlessly answers any type of sailing question for students while Virtual Reality is a gamechanger in developing muscle memory for sailing mastery and competence. Docking a boat in heavy winds for example can be practiced over and over in the student's home. Other things like trimming sails with wind angle, tacking and gybing, and holding a course when you're first on the water and, often, you're scared makes learning a breeze where the worst that can happen is that you bang your knee on the couch."

NauticEd currently serves over 100,000 students and since the recent implementation of VR, close to 2000 people have already interacted with Alex - AI and have additionally gained the confidence and expertise to become more competent sailors using the VR classes. But it doesn't stop there - NauticEd has over 100 on-the-real-water instructors ready to teach and hone the skills for 21st century students.

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