Pulsetto Unveils Groundbreaking Vagus Nerve Stimulation Device at CES

Pulsetto, a leader in Vagus Nerve Stimulation technology, is showcasing at CES its unique dual-technology system and personalized app designed to alleviate stress, reduce anxiety, improve sleep, and manage pain, exemplifying a practical and everyday approach to enhancing mental wellness.

January 04, 2024 1:46 AM EST | Source: Plentisoft

Klaipeda County, Lithuania--(Newsfile Corp. - January 4, 2024) - Pulsetto is set to showcase at CES in Las Vegas, bringing its effective Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS) device into the spotlight. More than just a stress-relief tool, Pulsetto has a proven track record in helping improve sleep quality and facilitating overall body recovery. Its electric stimulation technology activates the vagus nerve in just 4 minutes, making it one of the fastest methods available for aiding relaxation and winding down. Pulsetto's commitment is clear: to make mental wellness a simple, efficient part of daily life for everyone.

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Pulsetto Unveils Groundbreaking Vagus Nerve Stimulation Device at CES

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The genesis of Pulsetto traces back to co-founder Vitalijus Majorovas's personal journey. Moved by witnessing a loved one's intense battle with Cluster headaches, a pain more severe than migraines, Majorovas was inspired to explore innovative solutions. A pivotal moment came when he encountered an article about vagus nerve stimulation, sparking the idea for Pulsetto. Majorovas, a certified sleep and recovery coach, recognized the potential of VNS but sought to create a device that was not only effective but also comfortable for everyday use.

This led to a collaboration with Povilas Sabaliauskas and a dedicated team of scientists. Pulsetto emerged from a deep-rooted desire to offer real help for everyday stress and discomfort. This device innovatively activates the vagus nerve, a key player in regulating stress responses in the body. By gently stimulating this nerve, Pulsetto encourages rapid relaxation, aids in improving sleep quality, and helps prevent burnout. It stands as a testament to innovation in wellness, offering a non-invasive, quick method for individuals to manage their mental well-being effectively.

Pulsetto is redefining mental health care, aspiring to make it as routine and essential as brushing one's teeth. The company champions the philosophy that caring for mental well-being should be a straightforward, unobtrusive part of everyone's daily routine. By making mental health care accessible and easily integrated into daily life, Pulsetto is setting a new standard in how people approach and maintain their mental wellness.

Attending CES aligns perfectly with Pulsetto's vision of innovation and accessibility in healthcare technology, providing a platform to showcase how cutting-edge technology can offer simple yet profoundly effective solutions for everyday health challenges.

At CES, Pulsetto aims to create an immersive experience for attendees, allowing them to try the device firsthand and witness its benefits. The goal is to foster a deep, personal connection with the product, transcending traditional marketing approaches. Pulsetto further seeks genuine connections and collaborations that arise from a real belief in the product's capabilities.

One of Pulsetto's key objectives at CES is to identify and collaborate with influencers and affiliates who resonate with the brand's ethos and vision. By partnering with individuals with a strong presence in the wellness and tech communities, Pulsetto aims to amplify its message and reach a wider, yet targeted audience. Another crucial aspect of Pulsetto's presence at CES is engaging with potential distributors from various markets and regions. The goal is to establish partnerships that can facilitate the wider distribution of Pulsetto, making it accessible to diverse consumer bases. In addition to building long-term partnerships, Pulsetto is set to provide immediate purchase opportunities at CES. Attendees convinced of the product's benefits will have the convenience of buying it on the spot.

Pulsetto's innovation extends to its product details. The device stands out with its pioneering dual-technology approach, meticulously engineered to stimulate both sides of the neck for a more comprehensive targeting of the vagus nerve. This bilateral stimulation ensures a balanced and effective engagement with the nerve, enhancing therapeutic outcomes.

Unlike typical approaches, Pulsetto specifically targets the afferent fibers of the vagus nerve, achieving precision and instrumental therapeutic effects. The device's innovation also includes a customizable app featuring five distinct programs tailored to different wellness needs: stress relief, anxiety reduction, sleep improvement, burnout prevention, and pain management. Each program is calibrated with variations in current, pulse length, and periodicity, providing users with a personalized therapeutic experience.

Recognizing the need for ease of use in daily life, Pulsetto is designed to be exceptionally lightweight and user-friendly. Its portability ensures that users can seamlessly integrate their wellness routine into their daily activities without disruption. The combination of ease of use and personalized experiences through the app makes Pulsetto a practical and accessible solution for individuals seeking to enhance their mental and physical well-being.

On this note, Pulsetto invites all CES attendees to booth 8867 for a hands-on experience with its transformative Vagus Nerve Stimulation device.

About Pulsetto

Pulsetto is a health-tech company dedicated to transforming mental wellness through innovation and accessibility. With a vision centered on applying neuroscience to enhance health and well-being, their goal is to positively impact 100 million lives by combating modern-day challenges such as stress and mental health issues. Thanks to its groundbreaking Vagus Nerve Stimulation device, Pulsetto aims to make a lasting impact on the field of mental health and well-being.

Contact Info:
Name: Vitalijus Majorovas
Email: vitalijus@pulsetto.tech
Organization: UAB Pulsetto
Website: https://pulsetto.tech/

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