Lauretta AI Announces Groundbreaking Collaboration with TSA to Enhance Video Analytics Technologies

December 27, 2023 9:05 AM EST | Source: EstablishCred

Austin, Texas--(Newsfile Corp. - December 27, 2023) - Lauretta AI, a leader in the artificial intelligence and video analytics arena, is proud to announce its new collaboration with the Transport Security Administration (TSA). This partnership centers on the testing and enhancement of Lauretta's Delos detect and track technology, a state-of-the-art system that integrates advanced behavioral AI with computer vision capabilities. The initiative is set to elevate the standards of existing Video Analytics (VA) systems and augment person tracking functionalities.

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The collaboration with TSA is a significant step for Lauretta AI, underscoring its commitment to innovation and progress in the field of security technology. "As Lauretta takes strides with anonymous people tracking, this collaboration with the TSA stands as a testament to innovation and progress," said Galvin Widjaja, CEO at Lauretta AI. "This partnership not only marks a major milestone in the advancement of video analytics but also reinforces the value of independent, groundbreaking solutions in the pursuit of security excellence."

Delos, a product solely owned by Lauretta AI and not affiliated with any organization, represents a noteworthy milestone in video analytics technology. The TSA's Multimodal Passenger Assessment and Consequence Evaluation (MPAC) team is scheduled to conduct extensive testing of Delos at the Massachusetts System Integration Lab (MSIL) facility. This evaluation is a crucial step in advancing video analytics technologies, offering an opportunity for comprehensive testing and constructive feedback.

"Insight beyond sight," as Lauretta AI describes its Delos system, encapsulates the essence of this technology-a sophisticated system designed for efficient and effective capture and analysis of contextual data. Lauretta AI emphasizes its commitment to privacy and ethics, focusing on anonymity and understanding events over individual presence. "Our solutions prioritize anonymity, emphasizing the understanding of events over individual presence," added Widjaja.

Delos stands out as a versatile AI backend solution, designed for scalable deployment and seamless integration with existing infrastructure. This reduces costs associated with capturing and streaming contextual data. Engineered to transcend industry boundaries, Delos combines cutting-edge software logic with open-source video analytics models, offering a plug-and-play experience that is easily adaptable across various sectors.

Beyond its backend capabilities, Delos is complemented by three front-end applications: Beyond Guard and Facility, Beyond Retail, and a third application tailored to specific industry needs. These applications are designed to provide real-time detection of people and object anomalies in various settings and furnish extensive behavioral data to enhance personalized shopper experiences.

Lauretta AI's solutions significantly impact the fields of security, critical infrastructure, and retail. The company is dedicated to developing solutions that furnish actionable and significant insights, enabling prompt and effective responses. "Our security solutions empower proactive measures, potentially preventing and mitigating harm or loss of lives," said Widjaja. "Simultaneously, our retail solutions culminate in a more personalized and relevant shopping experience for end-users, always upholding individual privacy and adhering to regulatory compliance."

Setting Lauretta AI apart is its unique approach to artificial intelligence. "We are flipping the script. instead of competing against other AI companies, we are competing and winning with trained security guards," the spokesperson explained. "Our AI empowers existing teams and outperforms humans in tracking micro-behaviors, creating intent information, and building a graph of who knows who, giving context to actions in space."

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