XFun Release Economic Recessions Spur Surge in Middle-Aged Users Settling for FWB

December 13, 2023 5:47 AM EST | Source: Elite Discoveries Digital Inc.

Washington, D.C.--(Newsfile Corp. - December 13, 2023) - As economic recessions continue to impact all industries globally, XFun has announced a momentous milestone in its latest third-quarter report. The platform welcomed more than 500,000 new users in the quarter. Notably, middle-aged users accounted for 38% of the registered users, of which 75% are middle-aged men and 20% are married women. The surge in middle-aged users represents a staggering 300% growth compared to the same period last year, marking an unprecedented shift in XFun's dating demographic.

Historically, economic recessions affect dating patterns. The surge in middle-aged users seeking comfort and connection on XFun shows that economic turmoil is also changing the landscape of social interaction. For them, the affordability and excitement of friends with benefits online can serve as an outlet for financial instability, providing a new experience without the burden of huge dating expenses.

The report found that the influx of middle-aged users has affected the dating dynamics within the app. For young female users who are used to being dated with men their own age, having friends with benefits with mature men seems to be a better experience. Not only are they more generous, but they can also help with their careers. Similarly, some young male users prefer dating mature women, which may be less financially expensive or even more profitable than dating their peers.

''The economic downturn has reshaped the landscape of dating and has had a notable impact on infidelity within marriages.," stated Justin R, XFun's CEO. "The significant increase in middle-aged users on our platform, suggesting those middle-aged men prefer to enjoy dating without much financial responsibility. Meanwhile, married women who feel neglected in their families find solace in young men who are willing to date them, embracing their youthful energy while also sharing dating expenses."

To better meet the social needs of users of different ages, XFun continuously introduced new features from 2022 to 2023, such as "Nearby," "Verification," and "Video Show." In the third quarter of 2023, XFun's average monthly active users increased by 110% year-on-year, and the number of registered users exceeded 5 million.

The introduction of these new features and the surge in user activity showcased XFun's foresight and adaptability in the dating app market. During times of economic turmoil, XFun successfully played a multifaceted role. It provided a platform for the younger generation to find like-minded partners and served as a crucial support and comfort zone for middle-aged individuals.

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