LBank Exchange Amplifies Crypto Gaming and Education with GREENGOLD (GREENGOLD) on December 12, 2023

December 08, 2023 3:31 AM EST | Source: LBank

Road Town, British Virgin Islands--(Newsfile Corp. - December 8, 2023) - In a significant move for cryptocurrency and mobile technology enthusiasts, LBank Exchange, a premier global digital asset trading platform, has announced the listing of GREENGOLD (GREENGOLD) on December 12, 2023. Users of LBank Exchange can brace themselves for the GREENGOLD/USDT trading pair, which will go live at 6:00 UTC on the slated date.

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GREENGOLD (GREENGOLD), central to the ZEETOX ecosystem, serves as a multifaceted digital asset in the GREENGOLD game, offering an immersive, educational simulation of plant growth and access to diverse transactions within the ecosystem.

Introducing GREENGOLD: A Multifaceted Gaming Token in the ZEETOX Ecosystem

LBank Exchange is thrilled to announce the upcoming listing of GREENGOLD (GREENGOLD), central to the ZEETOX ecosystem, serves as a multifaceted digital asset in the GREENGOLD game, offering an immersive, educational simulation of plant growth and access to diverse transactions within the ecosystem. ZEETOX represents an innovative HealthFi project, seamlessly integrating elements from Web2, Web3, and offline experiences to foster a global community dedicated to a toxin-free lifestyle. At its core, ZEETOX underscores the significant role of genetics and lifestyle in human health, accounting for 25% and 75% respectively. By customizing lifestyle recommendations based on an individual's genetic makeup, stored securely on the blockchain, ZEETOX not only creates a personalized health experience but also propels a scalable business model. This project envisions tapping into the vast potential of medical cannabis, recognizing its disruptive impact on the health and fitness industry.

In June 2022, ZEETOX took a significant step by acquiring a substantial plot of farmland in Chiang Rai, Thailand, marking its entry into the cultivation of cannabis. This move came shortly after Thailand became the first Asian country to legalize cannabis nationwide. With cannabis as a central element, ZEETOX aims to spearhead a revolutionary movement, building a future where global communities thrive without toxins. Their focus extends to CBD (cannabidiol), a compound found in cannabis, known for its potential benefits in treating a variety of conditions such as anxiety, pain, and Parkinson's disease, while being legal in most countries.

The ZEETOX ecosystem is anchored by its marketplace, a platform where users can access premium health products, personalized recommendations, and trusted information. This platform is a testament to the symbiotic relationship between humans and plants, offering products like herbal remedies and CBD, all cultivated from their farm in Thailand. These products are designed to offer relaxation, stress relief, and potentially aid in pain management. In this holistic approach, ZEETOX emphasizes the harmony of nature and science, ensuring each product meets rigorous testing and quality assurance standards.

ZEETOX's technological front is represented by its user-friendly app, offering an immersive gateway where health and technology converge. This app facilitates personalized health journeys, providing users with health information, tracking tools, and a community of like-minded individuals. Additionally, ZEETOX incorporates a versatile payment system, accepting traditional and digital currencies, including its native tokens, ZEETOX and GREENGOLD. The ecosystem is further enriched by an innovative loyalty program, rewarding users with points for purchases, which can be redeemed for discounts and special products. Through these diverse yet interconnected components, ZEETOX aims to revolutionize health management, advocating for a more informed, empowered, and wellness-focused global community.


The GREENGOLD token is an integral part of the ZEETOX ecosystem, functioning as a digital currency within their HealthFi platform. As a unique aspect of ZEETOX's blockchain-based initiatives, GREENGOLD tokens are used in various transactions and activities, including purchasing health products, participating in a loyalty program, and engaging in a simulation blockchain game centered around the cultivation of cannabis. Players can earn these tokens through different stages of the game, which include land cultivation, seed planting, and harvesting. The tokenomics of GREENGOLD are designed to incentivize participation and investment within the ZEETOX ecosystem, offering users a novel way to engage with health and wellness products while also exploring the burgeoning field of GameFi and decentralized finance.

Based on POLY, GREENGOLD has a total supply of 1 billion (i.e. 1,000,000,000). The GREENGOLD token distribution includes 10% for Seed Sale, 1% for Private Sale, 2.5% for Public Sale, 7% for Marketing, 5% for Advisors, 5% for Exchange Liquidity, 2.5% for Community, 10% for Game Development, 10% for the Team, and 47% for the Game Economy. The POLY-based token is poised for its debut on LBank Exchange at 6:00 UTC on December 12, 2023. Investors who are interested in GREENGOLD can easily buy and sell on LBank Exchange after that time.

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