Lerna AI Pioneers Privacy-First Personalized Recommendations for Mobile Apps

Revolutionary AI system delivers hyper-personalized mobile experiences

November 09, 2023 9:05 AM EST | Source: EstablishCred

Montreal, Quebec--(Newsfile Corp. - November 9, 2023) - Lerna AI, an emerging leader in privacy-preserving artificial intelligence, has achieved a breakthrough in personalized recommendations for mobile applications. The VC-backed Montreal-based startup has developed an innovative AI system that provides hyper-personalized recommendations, twice as relevant to the users compared to typical recommender systems.

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Georgios Depastas, Co-founder of Lerna AI

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Led by its two co-founders - Georgios Kellaris and Georgios Depastas- , Lerna AI empowers mobile-first companies to boost engagement and revenue through tailored recommendations while safeguarding data. Their cutting-edge system, launching soon, leverages advanced machine-learning techniques to understand individual users and curate suggestions tailored to their unique interests.

"Personalization is critical in today's mobile landscape, but harder to attain given the increasing restrictions regarding third-party data transfers," said Depastas. "Our technology fundamentally changes how mobile businesses personalize experiences. We enable precise recommendations that feel like they really 'get' each user, all without intruding on privacy."

Unlike legacy approaches reliant on amassing user data, Lerna AI's system processes preferences directly on user devices. This federated approach allows the algorithm to learn from user behaviors and patterns by utilizing even more data like user activities, context, mood and training. Advanced privacy techniques, including federated learning, differential privacy, and secure multi-party computation, are natively integrated to offer state-of-the-art protection.

The novel system provides unparalleled personalization, adapting recommendations based on real-time user context and delivering the right content at the optimal moment. The tailored approach converts and engages users significantly better than conventional methods. In their tests, they doubled the clickthrough rates compared to server side recommenders.

"Our mission is to pioneer the future of personalized mobile technology while empowering user autonomy," Depastas said. "We're allowing companies to provide experiences as unique as each of their users, matching people with precisely what they want when they want it, all while keeping data secure and under user control."

Lerna AI is starting to serve customers across e-commerce, entertainment, news, and social media. Leading apps can benefit from integrating Lerna AI's SDK and API to elevate personalization while keeping integration effort to a minimum.

With their innovative solution launching soon, Lerna AI aims to spearhead the next evolution in mobile technology. Their commitment to privacy-first personalization is creating a brighter future for users and mobile businesses alike.

To learn more about Lerna AI and their upcoming product launch, visit www.lerna.ai.

Contact Details:

Name: Georgios Depastas
Title: CEO & Cofounder
Email: info@lerna.ai

About Lerna AI

Lerna AI is a Montreal-based artificial intelligence company pioneering hyper-personalization technology for mobile. Led by CEO Georgios Depastas and CTO Georgios Kellaris, Lerna AI empowers mobile-first businesses to provide personalized experiences while protecting user privacy. Their novel AI system, launching soon, enables hyper-personalized mobile recommendations without intruding on user data or preferences.

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