Wealhouse Capital Management Celebrates Victory at 2023 Canadian Hedge Fund Awards

October 26, 2023 8:00 AM EDT | Source: Wealhouse Capital Management

Toronto, Ontario--(Newsfile Corp. - October 26, 2023) - Wealhouse Capital Management ("Wealhouse") is proud to announce its outstanding performance at the prestigious Alternative IQ's Canadian Hedge Fund Awards, where two of its Funds, the Lions Bay Fund and Amplus Credit Income Fund, earned multiple accolades.

Of the 264 Canadian hedge funds that participated in the 2023 Canadian Hedge Fund Awards program, Wealhouse took home four awards.

Senior Portfolio Manager, Justin Anis' Lions Bay Fund placed:

  • Best 3 Year Sharpe Ratio, Equity Focused – 2nd place

Senior Portfolio Manager, Andrew Labbad's Amplus Credit Income Fund placed:

  • Best 3 Year Sharpe Ratio, Credit Focused – 1st place
  • Best 3 Year Return, Credit Focused – 2nd place
  • Best 1 Year Return, Credit Focused – 3rd place

The 2023 Canadian Hedge Fund Awards, known as the highest honor in Canada's hedge fund industry, took place last week at the One King West Hotel in Toronto. These awards, presented in six distinguished categories, provide investors with valuable insights into the most outstanding hedge funds. The accolades are solely based on quantitative performance data up to June 30th, with Fundata Canada entrusted with data collection and tabulation to determine the winners. The process is characterized by its objectivity, as there is no nomination process or subjective assessment involved in identifying the winning hedge funds.

About Wealhouse

Founded in 2008, Wealhouse Capital Management is an independent, privately owned alternative asset manager dedicated to providing award-winning investment strategies to ultra-high net worth individuals, family offices, and advisors. With a small yet dynamic team, Wealhouse manages nearly two billion in assets for Canada's most affluent families and entrepreneurs.

Wealhouse's ethos revolves around the idea that business is personal, and the company treats investors' capital as its own. This commitment to individuality, collaboration, and a rigorous approach to methodology and process has been the cornerstone of Wealhouse's success.

Wealhouse prides itself on being investment generalists, capable of identifying value and opportunities as they arise. The company continually evolves its strategies to navigate the ever-changing markets, anticipating shifts to mitigate risks, seize opportunities, and protect investors' capital.

Unlike being tethered to specific theses, industries, sectors, or geographies, Wealhouse seeks opportunities wherever they may be found. As a nimble organization, Wealhouse is quick to seize these opportunities, often ahead of the competition. Market volatility is viewed as an advantage, as Wealhouse sees changes coming and is prepared to capitalize on them. Change is inevitable, and it's Wealhouse's mission to make it work for investors. Remaining vigilant, so you don't have to be.

For further information, visit www.wealhouse.com or contact:

George Ganas, Senior Vice President, Sales

Cailey Orellana, Vice President, Sales & Marketing

About the Annual Canadian Hedge Fund Awards:

The Annual Canadian Hedge Fund Awards were first held in 2008 and have a two-fold objective: First, to celebrate the talent and accomplishments of Canada's hedge fund industry, and second, to draw attention to Canada's hedge funds by raising the awareness of that expertise in the media and among the wider investment community.



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