MASV Adds Support for Growing Files, Strengthening Cloud Automation Offering

Fast Cloud File Transfer Service Now Uploads In-Progress Files, Accelerating File Transfer for Broadcast, Sports and Live Events

Ottawa, Ontario--(Newsfile Corp. - August 30, 2023) - MASV (, a leading large file transfer software company for broadcast, sport, and live event video professionals, today announced support for the transfer of in-progress files, accelerating the upload of enormous content from any variety of events.

A "Growing File" refers to a file that is simultaneously being written and read or accessed. In live sports and broadcast, an event's recording continuously increases in size until the event ends, potentially resulting in hours (and thus many GBs) of content.

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Awaiting transfer until file finalization takes a long time and keeps expensive technical staff, trucks, and equipment on site. By shortening upload times, MASV's support for in-progress files is intended to act as a time and affiliated cost saver. 

MASV supports all major growing file codecs, including MXF and MOV, the two most popular options among editorial workflows. Growing File uploads are available now at Download of Growing Files will soon follow.

"IABM has cited the talent crunch and macro-economic pressures as two key threats to the MediaTech industry. MASV's lower costs and growing array of cloud automations represent the most immediate way for media companies to respond to these pressures," said Greg Wood, CEO at MASV. "Anyone can open a free MASV account and within minutes upload an unlimited volume of content via secure, highest-speed delivery pipeline, all billed on a predictable usage basis."

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MASV APIs, developer tools, and integrations with more than 25 cloud platforms allow MASV to fit into existing workflows and empower broadcasters to move away from insecure on-premises transfer software, FTP, and less performant cloud tools.

Videon predicted in 2022 that talent shortages would drive automation adoption. With as many as 30,000 events taking place last year, automation and AI are now being widely adopted, allowing the industry to produce more content even with a decrease in available talent. Further, with 5G availability and 10 Gbps+ Fibre internet getting into more venues, cloud automation is more accessible to event production teams than ever before.

Coverage of live broadcasts continues to gain in popularity, enabled by streaming services and growing consumer expectations that more events be available for viewing online. 

Despite Macroeconomic headwinds, Mediatech growth persists. According to IABM and Caretta Research, broadcast and media technology industry revenues are up 4% to $67 billion and are predicted to exceed $70 billion by 2026.

“MASV is growing in live event production due to it’s simplicity,” said Dan Muchmore, Sales and Marketing Director at Tyrell Cloud, a partner of MASV. “Together we offer our customers opportunity, agility, and a positive cloud experience! Migrating media workflows to the Cloud allows the next generation of broadcast to free themselves from financial constraints, offer a greener alternative, be agile with the technical infrastructure for each job whilst removing the need for cloud knowledge and offering financial security and not risk!”

With these predicted outlooks in mind, MASV will continue to strive in its endeavor to exceed client expectations with respect to live broadcast and large file transfer services.

Why Use Growing Files:

Growing Files are intended to save time and money by speeding up the current workflow and producing content faster.

  • Gain Back Time: Complete work sooner by beginning file transfer during live events. Rather than waiting for the event to finish, users may send files almost immediately as the footage is produced.
  • Speed Up Workflows: Combine various MASV features to access faster transfer speeds. With Multiconnect and 10Gbps optimization, MASV is a leader in large file transfer.
  • Automate Workflows: MASV sends Growing Files via a watch folder automation. Clients may use a Send automation or a Send to Portal automation to upload Growing Files. MASV Cloud Integrations allow the transfer of Growing Files directly to the cloud storage of choice.

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