YPM Launches Innovative Mentorship Program That Teaches Struggling Youth Critical Life Skills

YPM's EF12(TM) Boosts Executive Functioning to Set Adolescents Up for Success

August 24, 2023 12:49 PM EDT | Source: EstablishCred

New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - August 24, 2023) -  Youth Prevention Mentors (YPM) today announced an innovative mentorship program that teaches struggling youth critical life skills. The growing success of its innovative proprietary EF12™ Executive Functioning Mentorship Program teaches struggling adolescents and young adults the crucial skills needed to thrive in school, work, and life. By working one-on-one with a professional EF Mentor, teens and young adults see dramatic improvements in skills such as time management, organization, focus, metacognition, and other crucial executive functions.

EF12™ is an initiative spearheaded by YPM's Director of U.S. Operations Jack Vaughan, who has had years of professional experience helping young adults and adolescents struggling with executive dysfunction, introduced to the market in 2023 together with the Youth Prevention Mentors. "Executive functioning skills are absolutely vital to success in today's fast-paced, distraction-filled world, and they are not being taught early enough, if at all. The science is clear; adolescents and young adults are struggling more than ever before to develop these critical abilities," said Vaughan. "That's why our program combines bespoke, professional support with the latest science-backed strategies. It's not about just getting homework handed in, it's about setting a foundation that will set up a young person for lifelong success."

After years of work with adolescents and young adults all over the country, Vaughan developed this innovative, 12-component, curriculum that targets the most essential executive functioning skills. Once services are activated, YPM provides either hourly virtual and/or in-person support that consists of an EF12™ Mentor working one-on-one with a given young person for a designated period of time, typically 90 days or longer.

The 12 skills covered include time management, task initiation, organization, stress tolerance, response inhibition, working memory, planning, emotional regulation, cognitive flexibility, goal-directed persistence, sustained focus and metacognition.

"Our goal is for struggling young adults and adolescents everywhere to get the best executive functioning support possible," said Maks Ezrin, CEO & Founder of YPM. "EF12™ combines scientifically proven techniques with highly qualified mentors in a way that makes these skills 'click' for so many struggling youths."

After bringing EF12™ to families across the globe, YPM is now rolling out their program to residential treatment centers, schools, and tutoring centers. YPM has recently partnered with prestigious prep schools, universities, and institutions domestically and abroad. Vaughan will also be presenting on EF12™ at two upcoming conferences for leaders in the residential treatment sector.

"This is the exact kind of program that I wish I had access to as a kid," concluded Ezrin. "EF12™ is improving lives and teaching the core life skills that adolescents need."

Parents, schools and treatment centers can learn more about implementing EF12™ at https://www.youthpreventionmentors.com/pageef12.

Contact Details:
Name: Jack Vaughan
Title: Director of Operations
Email: jack@youthpreventionmentors.com

About Youth Prevention Mentors

YPM (Youth Prevention Mentors) is an inspired group of accredited mentors, counselors, and clinicians working in collaboration to mentor adolescents and young adults struggling to thrive, whether from behavioral issues, mental health challenges, or the pressures of growing up in today's world.

They specialize in supporting young adults and adolescents grappling with issues such as executive functioning, depression, anxiety, substance use disorder, and failure to launch.


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