US-Based PB&J TV Launches Gun Threat Intelligence Service for Child Care Centers and Schools

July 19, 2023 9:00 AM EDT | Source: Contentshire

Covington, Louisiana--(Newsfile Corp. - July 19, 2023) - Peanut Butter and Jelly TV, more commonly known as PB&J TV, a leading camera system and streaming app for childcare and daycare centers across the United States and the world, has announced the launch of a new Artificial Intelligence (Ai) solution designed to enhance the safety and security of its partner schools.

PB&J TV's Real Time Gun Threat Ai, is a cloud-based application using the most advanced Ai technology to proactively detect and simultaneously alert schools and local authorities of any approaching gun threats to their center. It is the first TRUE End-to-End solution in the Child Care Industry that includes identification, verification, notification, and dispatch.

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PB&J TV's Real Time Gun Threat AI is a cloud-based application using the most advanced Ai technology.
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The Threat Ai technology works by analyzing the live streams from PB&J TV's system via advanced algorithms to identify approaching objects that resemble a firearm. If a gun is detected, the software will send an immediate alert notification to a certified monitoring station to first verify that there is an actual threat approaching the center. Then, if this is confirmed, the call center will immediately notify local law enforcement via established back channels and the school's approved threat response list.

PB&J TV's CEO, Bobby Franzo, said their Gun Threat Ai solution was developed for the Child Care Industry in response to the increasingly alarming incidents of school violence. He also mentioned that, "until now, the only solutions that have been available for Preschools and Child Care Centers alike were reactive. And now with PB&J TV's new Ai Gun Threat solution, Schools can be proactive and obtain advanced notifications and automate their overall threat response. Saving seconds through advanced identification will save lives."

Franzo added that PB&J TV Gun Threat Ai is an optional add-on service that can be added to any PB&J TV package for a nominal fee. He said that the PB&J TV service is compatible with any camera system on the market.

About PB&J TV

PB&J TV is a leading provider of camera systems and streaming apps for childcare and daycare centers in North America. The company was founded in 2009 and has since partnered with Thousands of sites in all 50 states and across the world. PB&J TV's camera system and app allow parents to securely tune-in to their child's day online via a managed streaming program.

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