TUO Accessories Launches TUO Smart Button: Advancing Smart Homes

July 08, 2023 3:44 AM EDT | Source: Vehement Media Private Limited

New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - July 8, 2023) - TUO Accessories, a company based in the United States founded by Solly Assa & Sam Gabbay, launches TUO Smart Button.

As technology continues to disrupt traditional home management, TUO Accessories boldly steps into the future with a groundbreaking device that's poised to redefine the smart home landscape: the TUO Smart Button.

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A pioneer in its field, the TUO Smart Button is the first device of its kind, designed in New York, to utilize Matter, the cutting-edge application stack from the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA). Matter is designed to bridge the gap between disparate smart home devices, enabling them to work together in harmony. By leveraging this new technology, the TUO Smart Button promises to integrate effortlessly with a wide array of smart devices, such as Apple Home, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings and more, setting a new standard in the smart home industry.

The Smart Button's elegant design perfectly marries simplicity with advanced technology. With both Thread and Bluetooth connectivity embedded, it offers lightning-fast, reliable controls for smart home devices. Thread technology, known for its low latency and reliability, allows for an almost instantaneous response. This ensures users can control their smart home appliances with an unprecedented level of speed and precision, offering a seamless user experience that feels both intuitive and satisfying.

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Despite its unassuming size, the TUO Smart Button is a powerhouse of functionality. It is a fully-featured scene controller that supports a variety of command inputs including single click, double click, and long press. These can be mapped to perform different functions, allowing users to tailor their smart home experience according to their unique needs and preferences. This level of customization sets the Smart Button apart from previous smart home controllers and represents a leap forward in terms of user-centered design.

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"Before sunrise each morning, a single press on the button initiates my 'wake up' scene — bedside lights gradually brighten, mimicking a natural sunrise, while my smart shades begin to open to around 45%. This gentle wake-up routine, orchestrated by the TUO Smart Button, has transformed my mornings, making the transition from sleep to wakefulness a seamless and enjoyable experience," says Sam Gabby.

"Later in the evening, with the help of Siri Shortcuts, a long press of the button sets my wife's 'relaxation mode' scene. Lights dim, her Apple HomePod mini starts to play soothing sounds, and her diffuser turns on to the desired fan speed. All of this happens in a matter of seconds, adding a touch of magic to our everyday life."

The creator of the TUO Smart Button, Sam Gabby, shared their ambitious vision behind the creation of the device, stating, "We ventured into the Smart Home space with a clear intention: to create a control device for our future smart accessories. However, we found the current market offerings to be underwhelming. This drove us to create something that was not only beautiful and satisfying to use but also provided a level of functionality and security not seen before. Collaborating with our partners at the CSA with Matter, Thread Group, Nordic Semiconductors, and DigiCert, we've created a secure, multi-functional product that not only meets our ambitious vision but also raises the bar for what users can expect from smart home devices."

In the end, the TUO Smart Button represents a significant stride towards the future of smart home control. Its pioneering use of the Matter stack, combined with its sleek design, powerful features, and lightning-fast, responsive controls, cements its position as a trailblazer in the smart home industry. The Smart Button is more than just a device; it's a tangible glimpse into the future of smart home technology, marking a significant milestone in our journey towards creating truly connected, intuitive, and seamless living environments.

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