Jot Art (JOT) A.I Metaverse to Utilize CUDA-X, GPT4 and Cross-Chain NFTs for Finesse P2E Game Series

June 05, 2023 1:00 AM EDT | Source: Kaj Labs

Chicago, Illinois--(Newsfile Corp. - June 5, 2023) - Jot Art (JOT), a project in the intersection of technology and art, plans to harness the power of some of the most popular large language models (LLMs) like GPT4, Bard, T5 combined with Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and mixed-reality for the Finesse P2E series' The Kingdom chapter and the follow-up games to be launched by the Jot Art community. This novel concept will reshape how gamers perceive and interact with mixed-reality worlds and blockchain games.

Jot Art's core focus for the Finesse: The Kingdom chapter lies in the fusion of A.I technology, NFTs, and immersive gaming experiences. Leveraging the advanced capabilities of CUDA-X AI for the chapter, Jot Art will harness the power of CUDA-X AI with Unreal Engine to deliver a new metaverse experience.

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Powered by Lithosphere (LITHO) and other blockchains, NFTs play a central role in Jot Art's metaverse and the Finesse P2E game, offering gamers a secure and decentralized platform to own and trade in-game assets. By tokenizing virtual items as NFTs, Jot Art enables players to maintain ownership and enjoy a transparent monetization model. The introduction of cross-chain NFTs elevates the gaming experience by allowing players to collect unique and rare items that enhance their gameplay and can be distributed across various chains.

About Jot Art

Jot Art (JOT)'s mission is to provide a mixed reality(XR) ecosystem powered by A.I with community and player-owned economies. JOT is a payment & governance token for the Jot Art metaverse.

About Lithosphere

Lithosphere is a next-generation network for cross-chain decentralized applications powered by AI and Deep Learning.

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