DNABLOCK Unveils the Future of Content Creation with AI-Assisted 3D Animation Software, Replikant

Pioneering New Realms of Creativity, DNABLOCK Empowers Creators of All Levels with Advanced, User-Friendly Tools to Craft Compelling Stories in 3D

May 25, 2023 9:30 AM EDT | Source: EstablishCred

Los Angeles, California--(Newsfile Corp. - May 25, 2023) - DNABLOCK, a game-changer in the realms of AI and 3D animation technology, is set to revolutionize the creative landscape with the alpha release of its transformative software, Replikant, this summer. The launch marks a significant stride in democratizing content creation, bridging the gap between complex technology and creators across the globe.

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Replikant has been in development for four years, driven by the vision of empowering all storytellers, gamers, content creators, and filmmakers, irrespective of their skill level. DNABLOCK's CEO, Luc Schurgers, emphasizes, "The Internet is moving from 2D to 3D. The creator economy will build the content. Their communities will consume it, own it, and be immersed in it."

Indeed, Replikant embodies this shift to the third dimension, challenging the barriers of traditional 3D animation with a blend of sophisticated AI, ease of use, and affordable scalability.

Victor Garrido, Head of Product at DNABLOCK, states, "Our software aims to make it cheap, fast, and scalable."

DNABLOCK's procedural 3D animation pipeline, as Garrido further explains, "enables ease of use, scalability, and interoperability."

Proving the software's groundbreaking capabilities, the team recently celebrated a triumph at the Webby Awards, earning accolades for "RISE UP for Edda Hayes," a music project powered by DNABLOCK. The Webby award-winning experience is a series of limited-edition collections of Web3D avatars, objects, and environments, offering real-time music accessible for collectors and immortalized on the blockchain.

The launch of Replikant heralds an era where creators can swiftly materialize their concepts into high-fidelity, next-gen 3D characters, digital humans, animated content, and immersive experiences. Csaba Molnár, Lead Coder at DNABLOCK, advises, "Real-time gaming engines power next-gen immersive content creation, but the learning curve is very steep. We will completely eliminate the 3D creation learning curve with generative AI models."

Key features of Replikant include an intuitive, visual UI and countless customization options. Users can create realistic, fully-rigged digital humans and avatars suitable for real-time animation and gaming. The platform offers the ability to design unique and engaging virtual environments using thousands of customizable props, visual effects, and lighting options. Finally, it allows users to record their own facial and body motion capture or stream live for real-time performances.

Schurgers encapsulates the spirit of DNABLOCK's mission, stating, "We empower creators to become 3D animators and tell stories that might otherwise never get heard." To that end, the company stands distinguished in the competitive landscape with its proprietary procedural character platform that is notably rapid, allowing design and creation in real-time within a game engine.

With the upcoming release of Replikant, DNABLOCK seeks to pioneer the new age of content creation, making professional-quality 3D animation accessible to all creators. For an intriguing glimpse of DNABLOCK's and Replikant's capabilities, check out their YouTube video at https://youtu.be/oxWbz_wEgJ4 and visit dnablock.com.

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Name: Luc Schurgers
Title: CEO
Email: luc@dnablock.com

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