Boardsi Launches Venture Capital Governance: Revolutionizing Board-Level Recruiting for Venture Capital Funds

May 18, 2023 4:11 PM EDT | Source: Boardsi

Las Vegas, Nevada--(Newsfile Corp. - May 18, 2023) - Boardsi, a leading player in the human talent industry, is excited to announce the launch of Venture Capital Governance, a groundbreaking digital recruiting solution specifically designed to meet the board-level needs of venture capital funds and their affiliates. With a successful track record since 2016, Boardsi has facilitated thousands of human capital solutions, connecting companies with exceptional talent at the advisory and board levels.

Venture Capital Governance represents a significant milestone in the evolution of Boardsi's services, addressing the unique challenges and requirements faced by the dynamic and fast-paced venture capital industry. This innovative digital platform will empower venture capital funds to access a pool of highly qualified and diverse board-level professionals, revolutionizing their ability to build robust and strategic boards.

Through Venture Capital Governance, venture capital funds will be able to leverage Boardsi's extensive network and cutting-edge technology to streamline their board-level recruiting process. The platform will connect venture capital firms with a diverse range of experienced professionals, including board directors, advisors, and industry experts. This tailored solution ensures that venture capital funds can access the exceptional talent necessary to drive innovation and success in their portfolios.

"Boardsi is thrilled to launch Venture Capital Governance, marking a significant step in our commitment to transforming the board-level recruiting landscape," said Martin Rowinski, CEO of Boardsi. "We understand the unique challenges faced by venture capital funds in building high-performing boards, and our new platform provides a tailored solution to address these needs. We are excited to empower venture capital firms with access to exceptional board-level talent, enabling them to make strategic and impactful decisions that drive their investment success."

With its proven expertise in connecting companies with top talent, Boardsi is well-positioned to drive the success of Venture Capital Governance. The platform will not only benefit venture capital funds but also empower professionals seeking rewarding board-level opportunities within the vibrant and dynamic venture capital ecosystem.

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About Boardsi:
Boardsi is a leading player in the human talent industry, specializing in connecting companies with exceptional talent at the advisory and board levels. Since 2016, Boardsi has been at the forefront of facilitating human capital solutions, enabling companies to build robust and high-performing boards. With the launch of Venture Capital Governance, Boardsi aims to revolutionize the board-level recruiting process for venture capital funds, empowering them to access top-tier talent and make strategic decisions that drive investment success.

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