Native Paw Launches Online Pet Community Uniting 40 Countries

March 13, 2023 8:19 PM EDT | Source: Imperium Group

Fort Lauderdale, Florida--(Newsfile Corp. - March 13, 2023) - Native Paw, a producer of pet products with natural ingredients sourced from the Amazon rainforest, has launched a reforestation movement called Paws for the Forest. So far, the movement has united dogs and humans from across the globe, with the common goal of utilizing the influence of social media to build a global community of humans and dogs.

Within just two months after its initial launch, Paws for the Forest had created an online reforestation pet community of collaborators from more than 40 different countries. The initiative was simple: anyone interested could simply post a picture of themselves and their dog with their paws up, along with the relevant hashtag (#PawsForTheForest), on their social media profile. For each photo posted, Paws for the Forest would plant a tree in the Amazonian rainforest.

In 2022, the movement planted 500 trees, and the online community is still growing. Paws for the Forest is committed to expanding its outreach with the goal of doubling its reforestation efforts in 2023.

Gilberto Novaes, Founder of the movement, says that his team is thrilled about the successes they have seen in 2022. "We achieved two major goals," he shares. "The first was bringing together at least 40 different countries, and the second was to plant 500 trees in the world's largest tropical rainforest. We plan to redouble our efforts, and our aim is to create a sustainable environment where we can partner and assist communities and teach them that it is possible to combine the forces of humans, animals, and nature to create a better world through sustainability and care for the environment."

Novaes established Paws For the Forest with the philosophy that an alliance between humans and dogs - man's best friend - could become a powerful tool to work for the sustainability of the Amazon Rainforest, and consequently, the world. "By uniting our resources and influence, we can achieve a deeper connection with nature and a more significant impact on protecting it," Novaes says. "For us, there are no differences between cultures, people, and nations. Our goal is greater than any difference, and that is why we fight to unite the world. We want our community to function as a single living organism - a single unit - that makes a difference for the planet and future generations."

In addition to the action taken through the connection between humans, animals, and nature, Paws For The Forest has also built partnerships with local communities in the Amazon Rainforest to carry out reforestation efforts, benefiting not only the environment but also the families present in the communities, who will have a recovered green area.

"Our hope is that these local families will benefit in the future from the collection of fruits and seeds from the trees planted, reinforcing food security for local families," Novaes emphasizes.

The organization just announced that its community effort has planted its 500th tree in the Amazon rainforest, and the focus for 2023 will be increasing Paws for the Forest's online footprint and community outreach efforts.

Novaes says, "We need to preserve and recover today so that our children and grandchildren have a healthy world to live in tomorrow. The true fruits will be harvested in the future, and it's this kind of altruistic awareness that we believe in. We are a generation that takes action and does not wait for others to make a difference. We are the difference. We bring together the power of purpose, value, and change."

Paws for the Forest, created by Native Paw, is a movement that works to protect and conserve wildlife habitats, particularly in the Amazon rainforest. The organization seeks to create a global community dedicated to conservation. Native Paw will soon be launching its e-commerce store, offering natural products targeted at dogs and their humans.


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