PTS Consulting Services Announces Second Office Opening in India

Naperville, Illinois--(Newsfile Corp. - December 16, 2022) - PTS Consulting Services is delighted to announce the opening of its second India office. Led by industry professionals, the new space will offer a wide range of IT and business consulting services tailored to the global market. PTS Consulting Services, currently based in various locations worldwide, has established itself as a global IT consulting and management provider and announced opening its second office in India to expand these efforts. 

The company's COO, Tussah Lohia, claims that "By outsourcing business services to PTS Consulting Services, we hope even more businesses can reduce costs without sacrificing quality or service. Our team has years of experience in the industry and is dedicated to seeing more businesses succeed."

The company shift was thought of to reach more companies with these needs. Many businesses are using outdated technology, which can lead to security breaches, data loss, and other costly problems. The average cost of a data breach is $3.8 million, "And that's just the average," claims Rasoul Khadivar, CIO of the company. 

The company wishes to deliver top-notch consulting services that adhere to best practices for operations processes. It aims to ensure 100% compliance with service level agreements (SLAs), labor laws, and statutory policies at every stage- from vendors and contingent workers up through organizational levels. To save clients money, PTS Consulting Services desires to assist in leveraging strategies like demand management, vendor rationalization, and tiering with volume discounts and comprehensive rate card analysis. In addition, it also wishes to help deploy global practices and apply business rules and initiatives on companies' behalf.

"We are growing and expanding our services regularly," holds CEO Bilap Chaudhuri, "We see the new office specializing in these fields, and beyond them, as we continue to develop."

PTS Consulting Services is an IT and Business Consulting company with a global presence. It specializes in IT consulting and management, Business Process Outsourcing, Business Process Management, and human capital services. The business wishes to make a difference in operations by using management functions to achieve efficiency. PTS Consulting Services desires that 100% consent to SLAs, Labour Laws, and Statutory Policies is acquired at all levels: vendor, contingent worker, and organizational. 

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