WEARCLUE Officially Launches as an APP for Lovers of Fashion

November 23, 2022 10:03 PM EST | Source: Bit Global News

Shenzhen, China--(Newsfile Corp. - November 23, 2022) - The WEARCLUE APP has officially launched and became a hit, shared among the fashion circle. In order to cope with the influx of new users, WEARCLUE pushed an emergency APP optimization and upgrade. After the update, the app required invitation codes for those signing up. In addition, there were optimizations to the server, as well as content optimizations, to provide better service to both new and old users.

With the upgrade of the platform, users can browse picture information smoothly and quickly. In addition, they can also use the search bar to accurately and quickly find entries on relevant brands and links to purchase items. At the same time, the latest version of the app also allows users to record their personal outfits each day, not only for personal record keeping, but also to inspire others and resonate better with more people.

WEARCLUE was born from the real inspirations and insights of a few post-95 youngsters. Their keen identification of a gap between the market environment and consumers' aesthetic needs led to the creation of this app. They are significantly dedicated to solving the dilemma of content homogenization by specializing in the high-end fashion and creativity, and providing consumers with nearly "perfect" services with an inclusive and personalized attitude.

In order to better serve High Fashion lovers, WEARCLUE plays host to many industry professionals, including brands, designers, fashion buyers and bloggers. With their efforts, a highly visual and high-end fashion social platform has been successfully built, which provides convenient links and enables cooperation for industry professionals while enabling direct and professional socialization and services for consumers.

"Fashion 1.0 era is a hegemonic circle guided by mainstream aesthetics, while fashion 2.0 is a group of demons under the definition of completely private aesthetics, then fashion 3.0 era is a people-oriented, specialized and multi-faceted integration of multiple perspectives," said the PR Director of WEARCLUE. Going further, "The process of being defined, to rebellion, and then to return to the original shows that it is the surge of ideas and the gradual awakening of consumer self-awareness [that is] behind fashion."

In terms of content, WEARCLUE plays host to the gamut of new designers to luxury brands, from daily wear to international luxury fashion brands. In addition, smaller ideas and needs highlighted by users can also find similar circles and directional guides.

"The current Gen Z fashion platform products are either boring information in text form or a cocoon of images in visual form, with serious homogenization of content," said the PR Director of WEARCLUE. However WEARCLUE was launched to create a fashion platform that truly meets the needs of today's consumers.


WEARCLUE is dedicated to meeting all fashion related needs. By providing a professional and interesting social platform solution, on the one hand, the app shows the direction of development of fashion social platforms in the fashion 3.0 era, and on the other, a new possibility in the context of personal aesthetic improvements and diversified needs that need to be met.

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Company Name: WEARCLUE Information Technology (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd.
Contact Person: Pu Xiaozhu
Email: puxiaozhu@wearclueofficial.com
Website: www.wearclue.net

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