Deepcoin Exchange Launches an Industry First "Proof of Withdrawal" (POW) Competition Come to Deepcoin for a Proof of Withdrawal Competition

Singapore, Singapore--(Newsfile Corp. - November 14, 2022) - In the context of the market turmoil in the centralized exchange market and the increasing panic among users, the innovative and secure derivatives trading platform, Deepcoin, after announcing that it will release a Merkle Tree audit proof of reserve report, further announced that it will be carrying out a way to reward users for their withdrawals on November 15th. After entering into the competition, the platform will monitor your withdrawal transaction IDs (TXID) for 7s in the hash value. The more 7s in your TXID, the higher you rank among your Deepcoin peers. The top 100 users will receive a safepal hardware cold wallet reward. All participants in the competition will receive a 10U DTB (Deepcoin Trial Bonus).

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Deepcoin Exchange Launches “Proof of Withdrawal” POW

Even more, Deepcoin will be offering FREE asset withdrawals, as we will pay the withdrawal transfer fee charged by the miners on the chain. Withdrawal fees are one of the important reasons that users keep their assets on centralized exchanges, and of course, the use of cold wallets can be complicated. Therefore, the free transaction fee allows users to transfer assets hassle-free, further improving your asset security and ownership.

Deepcoin acknowledges that it's hard for the industry to trust one another after such blatant disregard by what was thought of as strong players. With these offerings, Deepcoin hopes to jointly build a broader industry environment of trust and security.

Contact Person: Syballa Zhao

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