TourismX Has Started a Fund for Tourism Investments Worldwide

November 11, 2022 2:42 PM EST | Source: World Tourism Forum Limited

London, United Kingdom--(Newsfile Corp. - November 11, 2022) - London based World Tourism Forum Institute and WTFI (World Tourism Fund and Investment), one of the most prestigious global Tourism organizations, announced the release of its TourismX (TRMX) next generation digital tourism token that will bring traders even closer to their favorite brands of Tourism. For the first time, traders will be able to participate in a variety of sectors of the travel and tourist business, including private jets, restaurants, premium concierge services, and hotels with the most well-known brands, opening a new era of utility for digital tokens in the travel industry.

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TourismX is a revolutionary idea for the rapid growing global Tourism Industry. 

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The idea behind TourismX is to generate funds through TourismX Token Economics and then to invest these funds into carefully selected promising Tourism projects across the globe. A part of the profit (up to 50%) will be used to buy back TourismX tokens from the market to be locked in Treasury, decreasing the number of tokens in circulation.

"Every year, billions of dollars in tourism investment are being wasted due to uncompleted projects. Thousands more investors, however, are unable to secure suitable flexible funding for their projects. Working with premium tourist industry experts over the past 20 years has made us aware of the urgent need to match investors with the proper tourism initiatives while maintaining an investment strategy. Today's technology enables us to bring together parties for everyone's advantage. We think the global tourism investment paradigm will be revolutionized by TRMX Token and its innovative technologies," said Mr Bulut Bağcı, President of World Tourism Forum Institute.

TourismX enables the Token Holder to benefit from several parts of the high growing Tourism Industry. It's full operational excellence will be through global leaders of Hospitality Industry. Tourism Projects financed by TourismX will be executed in close collaboration with International Chain Brand Hotels. WTFI's years of expertise and global network will be detrimental for successful businesses in hospitality, restaurant, private jet and luxury concierge industries.

Smart geographical disperse portfolio will ensure optimum allocation. Growth is expected to accelerate across all regions of Africa, Asia, Europe, and Americas supported by a recovery in tourism, expansion of hotel capacity and significant public investment in natural disaster-resilient infrastructure funded by local governments. In this context, World Tourism Forum Institute's strong network and high-profile relationships in these regions offer multiple opportunities for local government-backed hotel investments. This sets WTFI Holding ahead of individual chains in terms of speed and consistency.

While any trader could buy stocks of individual Hotel Companies separately, TourismX offers to become a part of a well-balanced project portfolio of different hospitality brands in one basket. The portfolio approach increases the probability of success in case a certain chain under performs on a given year. 

TourismX project assists the Tourism Industry, as it injects smart finance into projects where the classical financial instruments might be ineffective or expensive (collaterals, etc.). Institutional funding is getting harder due to inflation and total uncertainty in the World. Bank and financial interest rates are overwhelmingly high.

Hotel investors in USA, EU and in more developed parts of the World may still find funding the need. However, in the surging economies, it is harder for the hospitality and tourism investors to reach easy funding due to record high national debt levels, volatile foreign currency, and many reasons for uncertainty. TourismX provides hotel & hospitality industry investors with accessible funding.

TourismX unlocks a unique world of integrated dream experiences going far beyond the typical travel for tourists. The TourismX Community is constantly delighted with special moments, priorities, discounts, etc. Furthermore, TourismX is also planned to be used in commercial activities within the TourismX backed hotels as well as a wider global network.


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