BioHarvest Introduces its 1st Cannabis Breakthrough Composition with Major Medical and Commercial Implications

October 25, 2022 8:05 AM EDT | Source: BioHarvest Sciences Inc.

  • BioHarvest demonstrates unprecedented Cannabinoids tuning and elicitation capabilities (12X increase versus original plant) using its proprietary Bio-Plant CELLicitation™ platform technology
  • Contains high amounts of minor Cannabinoids such as THCV (2.5%) and CBDV (4.4%) providing unique medical and commercial benefits
  • The Company plans to reveal additional information related to its high THC Cannabis product line by year end

Vancouver, British Columbia and Rehovot, Israel--(Newsfile Corp. - October 25, 2022) - BioHarvest Sciences Inc. (CSE: BHSC) (OTCQB: CNVCF) (FSE: 8MV) ("BioHarvest" or "the Company") reveals today the detailed analysis (tabled below) of the unique composition of one of its Bio CELLicitation™ based Cannabis products that were grown from a CBD Hemp plant. The analysis is derived from using industry standard HPLC measurements conducted by an independent third-party analytical laboratory which is ISO17025 cGMP accredited and is certified by the Israeli Ministry of Health.

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In addition to the Cannabinoids described in the table above, the β-caryophyllene, Beta-panasinsene and Selina terpenes were present in the composition.

Dr. Christopher D'Adamo, Director, Center for Integrated Medicine at the University of Maryland, School of Medicine said "The medical establishment has been eyeing the potential of full spectrum Cannabis to address many chronic health indications in need of better treatment options. These achievements by BioHarvest in naturally eliciting important minor Cannabinoids to significant biologically active levels, combined with high levels of major Cannabinoids, all produced with high level of consistency represent a major breakthrough towards the development of efficient Cannabis-based botanical drugs".

Unique scientific, medicinal, and commercial features of this composition:

Ground-breaking Science - Increasing the total Cannabinoids from 3% in the original plant flower to 36% and increasing THC from 0.09% to 7.5% in the final product (83X) demonstrate the power of BHSC's Bio-Plant CELLicitation™ technology to control the Cannabinoids levels and ratios in a full spectrum composition. In addition, naturally eliciting rare minor cannabinoids such as CBDV (88X) and THCV (249X) to significant biological active levels in the same composition with high level of major Cannabinoids is unprecedented.

Medical Impact - Unique composition of significant amounts of major and minor Cannabinoids, in a full spectrum form, paves the road for multiple Cannabis-based therapeutic solutions targeting key chronic indications such as pain management, anxiety, sleep disorder and ADHD.

Commercial Implications - The ability to start from a CBD Hemp plant and control the THC levels in the final composition would allow BioHarvest to sell unique Hemp-based non-synthetic therapeutic products (including distillates) on a federally legal base in the US. The sales & marketing of such products will take advantage of the already established "Direct to Consumer" commercial platform successfully employed by BioHarvest for its VINIA® product. BioHarvest can also target a wider range of health and wellness applications with unique products that combine its Polyphenols-based (VINIA®, olives and pomegranate) compounds with the Hemp-based compositions.

"This rich Cannabinoids composition is unprecedented, and the wealth of features described above opens the door for many lucrative commercial and medical applications", said Ilan Sobel, CEO, and added "the ability to produce unique Cannabis and Hemp based compositions gives us tremendous flexibility to decide which markets to pursue, what would be the optimal products offerings and partnerships. In addition, the high level of Cannabinoids, combined with our unique cost advantage opens the door for the production of distillates and isolates of specific cannabinoids resulting in multiple levers to optimize revenue and profitability from this vertical".

Dr. Brian Cornblatt, CMO, who leads BioHarvest Sciences' product supportive clinical trial efforts shared "The ability for us to create novel compositions with vast intellectual property opportunities is exciting. The clinical trial potential using these compositions is endless and we are going to focus our efforts on bringing to the world safe, effective, consistent, and easily accessible solutions for, in time, many of the major health challenges that we now face".

Q3 Shareholder Update October 25, 11am PST | 2PM EST

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