Clique Introduces Identity Oracles That Integrate Web2 and Web3 User Behaviors

Manhattan, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - October 17, 2022) - In addition to their introduction of identity-oracle technology integrating web2 and web3 functionality to create a secure and inclusive web3 social layer; Clique is announcing new partnerships Web3 social graphs, Web3 token/NFT projects, Gaming guilds and communities and additional cross-platform marketing tools.

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Founders Kevin Yu and Jaden Yan of Clique

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Clique is launching an identity-oracle protocol that bridges the web2 - web3 gap. They are set for their alpha launch in winter, which will enable marketing teams to securely incentivize user behaviors across social media and content distribution platforms. Some of their early partners include on-chain social graphs, DID protocols, NFT projects, web3 games, guilds, and web2 IPs/brands.

The Problems Clique Solves

One major problem with web3 is that current solutions highly rely on distributing incentives like tokens and NFTs to bootstrap their projects. However, without a user differentiation and profiling mechanism, most incentives are claimed by bots and mercenary airdrop hunters, who make no contribution to the project whatsoever. This makes project growth unsustainable and overdrawn.

Another problem is that web2 giants routinely collect user behavior data and sell it to advertisers and marketing agencies, pocketing the profits themselves.

Clique's solution screens fake users and mercenary capital for projects and brands, while empowering actual contributing users to own and monetize their data, thus removing unnecessary intermediaries and redistributing value more efficiently.

About Clique

Clique's founders, Kevin Yu and Jaden Yan, developed a way to marry the write and interact sides of web2 platforms with the authentication and ownership dimensions of web3 through Clique. Rather than a standalone platform that requires users to switch consumable content teams, they built a protocol that acts as a decentralized layer providing web3 capabilities across web2 legacy sites. This allows companies and projects to provide cross-platform directional incentives to their community and fans, seamlessly breaking down data silos, and saving marketing and operational costs.

The group is in the process of testing their "cross-platform credentialing system that allows users to generate proof statements of different behaviors across social media and content distribution platforms," shared Kevin. Clique empowers users to prove their individual user behaviors and share them with marketers, IP owners, and others that want to incentivize these specific interactions.

For example, you own a NFT project or traditional brand, and would like to organically grow your web presence. Before Clique, you could create oodles of content and put tons of work into building social media profiles, hoping to gain credibility. With Clique, you can seamlessly reward and incentivize viewers for engaging with you and helping to spread the word across platforms. 

Ultimately, Clique facilitates a secure and direct connection between marketers, IP owners, creators, etc., and consumers. It's a place where marketers reward consumers directly for using and promoting their products. Unlike the current influencer fad, users do not have to give companies or anyone their private information; they have full control of the data they choose to use. In addition, they do not need to have a massive following or link their social media accounts to be brand ambassadors; they just need to use Clique.

The founders are releasing an alpha version to a limited public audience to further perfect the backend of the platform. So far, they have closed a 3M seed funding round, and were previously incubated by Stanford Blockchain Accelerator and AllianceDAO.

Check out the Clique website and read more on their Twitter page today.

Contact Information:
Name: Jaden Yan
Company: Clique
City, State: Manhattan, New York

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