TRV|FIT Fitness CEO Tyler Koronich Announces New Locations Opening Across the Country

Detroit, Michigan--(Newsfile Corp. - September 15, 2022) - National fitness studio TRV|FIT Fitness has announced that it is opening multiple new studios across the US. The company is scaling nationwide and is opening locations in Chicago, as well as several other major cities around the country. In addition, the TRV|FIT team is expanding with more staff to accommodate the additional gyms and new clients. This expansion was planned prior to COVID-19, but was put on standby during the pandemic. During that time, the company had curated an extensive waitlist of would-be franchise owners ready to open TRV|FIT gyms.

The new staffing additions will include personal trainers, who work one-on-one with clients; trainers for semi-private training, which allows small groups to share workouts; and staffing for group fitness sessions. 

The TRV|FIT Fitness team expansion will hire and train new coaches and trainers specific to each of the four distinct workouts that TRV|FIT has developed. 

There are currently 16 different locations in two different states (Michigan and Tennessee). The new locations opening this year will include all the studio's popular workout options, offering clients at each location the opportunity to improve strength and muscular endurance, build cardio, burn calories, and take advantage of an extensive equipment list. 

CEO and founder Tyler Koronich, who has worked in the fitness industry for 13 years, is pleased with the progress his company is making. "Entrepreneurship is perseverance not perfection. It's leading from the front with delusional optimism," he says. He is excited about TRV|FIT expanding into multiple new locations. "We put a halt on opening new locations during COVID," Koronich recalls. "However, we put out numerous programs and resources to support our franchises and keep our members engaged and fit."

The upcoming locations will be outfitted with the TRV|FIT 2.0 system, which is an upgrade newly applied to existing TRV|FIT gyms. 

The versatility of TRV|FIT has contributed to client retention and the success of the existing locations, leading to the demand for new studios. Koronich says that the company plans to expand into more states in the next few years. "We have plans for quite a few new gyms," he shares. "We are also pleased to be expanding our staff to meet these new needs."

As more new TRV|FIT locations open, there is increased opportunity for those interested in owning their own TRV|FIT gym. Koronich says, "We have definitely evolved to have as many options as possible. This is another key to the gym's success. It's not just another set of weights or a routine fitness class. It's customized to each individual's needs and goals."

TRV|FIT Fitness is a national fitness studio with 16 locations in 2 states, offering personal training, semi-private training, and group sessions as well as wellness counseling.

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