EQBR Holdings' Ultimate Web 3.0 Wallet & Messenger App "Whisper MSG" Tops 1 million Downloads

Singapore, Singapore--(Newsfile Corp. - September 5, 2022) - EQBR Holdings announced today that Whisper MSG, a blockchain-based messenger and wallet application has reached more than 1 million downloads. Released by EQBR Holdings last April under its slogan "Your privacy is our priority", Whisper MSG was designed to achieve maximum level of security by utilizing EQBR's blockchain technology, Equilibrium.

Messages exchanged through blockchain networks are theoretically much safer from hacks compared to existing popular messengers based on centralized networks such as Whatsapp and Telegram. "However, low speed and high costs of current block-chain based messaging services have slowed mass adoption. The rapid growth of Whisper MSG showcases that it can overcome blockchain's weaknesses and meet the needs of today's fast-paced user. This could mark the beginning of how social blockchain services (SBS) replace traditional SNS," said Hyunki Lee, CTO of EQBR Holdings.

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EQBR Holdings' Ultimate Web 3.0 Wallet & Messenger App 

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Whisper MSG was created to be the ultimate digital wallet dApp by combining wallet and messenger functions. This is possible because it is built on Equilibrium, a real-time processing blockchain. Furthermore, a recent upgrade of Whisper MSG added OAuth functions making it far superior to other dApps. With this upgrade, Whisper MSG can provide decentralized identification ("DID") not only for its built-in functions (e.g., wallet and messaging) but also for any dApp connected to Whisper MSG. Since Whisper MSG has unlimited ability to connect with existing blockchain networks, this super-app can now potentially be a gateway to all blockchain networks in the Web 3.0 world. 

In the latest upgrade, Whisper MSG debuted the "Volare Arcade" offering casual games on the blockchain game network, "Volare". Building on the success of these casual games, Whisper MSG will open its space to other game developers, content providers, financial service providers, etc. Whisper MSG's built-in functions like messenger and wallet can offer great synergy. Users within Whisper MSG can use various financial services (i.e., earn, use, and transfer tokens) while communicating with other users or service providers (i.e., established community channels).

The developers behind Volare Network, the first blockchain network connected to Whisper MSG, will also build various blockchain games using its token (Volare), adding to the strong wallet and messenger functions of Whisper MSG.

Hyunki Lee says, "We will continue to upgrade Whisper MSG in order to make it a 'key to all doors in the Web 3.0 house'. The next upgrade of Whisper MSG will have a built-in launchpad, airdrop functionality, and will also be connected to a decentralized exchange, and NFT marketplace". If all goes according to plan, Whisper MSG will clearly be a fast-forward leap toward the Web 3.0 era.

About EQBR Holdings:

Founded in 2020, EQBR has engaged with various businesses as an operator, investor and third-party solutions provider. EQBR's innovative blockchain engine called Equilibrium is the world's first commercially-viable blockchain. Since then, EQBR has developed several dApps on top of Equilibrium, including Whisper Messenger (a blockchain-based secure messenger), EQ Hub (a low-code developer tool) and now, My Flex (an NFT minting platform).

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