TCR Acquisition LLC In Talks with Federal Government Over Repatriation of The Campaign Registry

Alexandria, Virginia--(Newsfile Corp. - August 18, 2022) - TCR Acquisition LLC, a U.S. owned and operated entity headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, has announced that it has begun meeting with Federal officials and U.S. senators to explore ways to repatriate The Campaign Registry. With less than ninety days until the 2022 Congressional elections, TCR Acquisition is continuing its efforts to have The Campaign Registry be owned and operated by U.S. citizens who will then operate it in compliance with U.S. cybersecurity and privacy laws.

The Campaign Registry is a company based in Virginia that manages the registration and issuing of 10-DLC phone numbers for A2P (application to person) text message campaigns. Any and all businesses who want to send text messages to individuals from a 10-digit number must apply and register with The Campaign Registry. That includes small businesses, corporations, non-profits, and even political campaigns.

As The Campaign Registry has a significant role in how American political candidates connect with their constituents, attention is focused on its funding from a company that is headquartered in the People's Republic of China. The Campaign Registry's parent company, is headquartered in Italy, allegedly a "Belt and Road" country that is commercially aligned with the People's Republic of China. For more information on the foreign ownership of The Campaign Registry, please see TCR Acquisition's open letter.

TCR Acquisition is discussing with U.S. government leaders the implications of Chinese and foreign ownership of The Campaign Registry, including concerns for elected officials who reach out to voters through text messages. TCR Acquisition is also reaching out to Federal agencies that are responsible for national security and data protection; the company's aim is to encourage them to ask questions about compliance with US alien ownership requirements. Additionally, TCR Acquisition wants to inform paying customers of The Campaign Registry about how to determine if any foreign entities have access to their companies' confidential information.

TCR Acquisition's ultimate goal is to determine what role China and other foreign countries may play in text-based campaign messaging and to help U.S. elections to be free of foreign influence.

TCR Acquisition works to return to U.S. ownership vital telecommunications and internet infrastructure that has been acquired by foreign entities.

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Frederick M. Joyce, C.E.O./General Counsel

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