Gaensel Energy Group, Inc. (GEGR) Announces Our Consorzio Green Solution & GNL Purchase Lipro HKW-HGW Plant

Salt Lake City, Utah--(Newsfile Corp. - July 18, 2022) - Gaensel Energy Group, Inc., (OTC Pink: GEGR) ("Gaensel" or the "Company"), a diversified holding company, announces following corporate update.

The Company announces the purchase of a Lipro HKW-HGW Plant valued at over $7,000,000 USD from its Trustee. The Lipro HKW-HGW Plant is a biomass cogeneration plant designed to produce electricity from the wood chips to meet the needs of the user and, at the same time, the heat produced is used for heating without dispersion. In addition, unused electricity is fed into the public electricity grid.

The cogeneration plants allow the simultaneous generation of electricity and heat, with fuel savings compared to a separate production of the two vectors which translates into an economic and environmental advantage.

The cogeneration systems allow to recover the heat produced and dispersed during the electricity generation process, using it to cover the heating needs.

Trigeneration plants, on the other hand, in addition to generating electricity and heat for heating, use part of the residual heat as energy to power the cooling system.

Pyrolysis is the most efficient way to transform solid biomass into electricity, but not all systems guarantee the same performance. Lipro HKW - HGW divides the process into 3 different phases and is able to optimize them as needed, guaranteeing more reliable performance, the best for 10 years.

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The development of Lipro HKW - HGW began in 2020 and the plant was connected to the electricity grid in January 2021, after undergoing a process of continuous improvement throughout the construction and development period. In the following months, other optimization interventions were made until the entire system was ready for its definitive entry on the market. To date there are 40 active plans deployed globally. Gaensel Energy will be working with its Consorzio Green Solution partners for the ideal location of this first biomass plant in Italy and are negotiating additional plans for deployment in the Americas.


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