With the Launch of Its App, SoAct Simplifies Communication Between Activists

New Brunswick, New Jersey--(Newsfile Corp. - July 15, 2022) - Social justice activists and volunteers have a new way to effect positive change in the world. SoAct, which believes that everyone has the power to make a difference no matter how small, has created an app that connects like-minded people who are passionate about social causes. Individuals and nonprofits will be able to form communities that focus on specific issues, engage in conversations, share resources, and plan/host virtual or in-person events.

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The release of SoAct's app comes at a time when social activism is increasing around the globe, including in the United States. Individuals and organizations are working to find solutions for a growing list of causes that include climate change, inequalities in education and healthcare, poverty, racism, and human trafficking, among others. While people have been organizing to effect change for hundreds of years, today's activists have a tool that can give them an advantage as they scale their efforts: social media.

"At SoAct, we are inspired by the thousands, perhaps even millions, of individuals and groups who are protesting peacefully in the streets, volunteering their time, and searching for solutions to important issues," says SoAct's Co-Founder and CEO, Peter Clark. "We have all seen how pivotal social media has been in connecting activists both here in the United States and abroad. We are excited about giving them a new tool that can help them to unify, share, and inform them so that their efforts are magnified, ultimately leading to more change."

SoAct explains that its social media app is designed to facilitate individuals, groups, organizations, nonprofits, and companies coming together more easily. Users are able to specify their cause, search for other activists, and connect. SoAct states that organizations and nonprofits can also give awards and certificates to their volunteers, and because they are easily searchable in SoApp's database, they can potentially grow their communities.

The app has recently been updated and now includes a collaboration feature that allows individuals and groups to engage with their followers, with the goal of generating more revenue. With the ability to be paid to organize, the user can help their community and scale their cause at the same time.

"Our app enables users to create engaging content and support other people and groups who share their social justice goals," SoAct says. "This is a wonderful tool for those who seek to be change makers in their communities."

As the work to make the world a more equitable place continues, SoAct has some advice for those who are passionate about social justice. "Don't ever give up," the company says. "Your efforts and your commitment are needed. You are the leaders who will change our society into one that is safe, fair, and prosperous for everyone."

SoAct is a condensed social media platform that is centered around the user's passions and desire to positively impact shared communities. Issues include cancer, sustainability, poverty, hunger, and more. SoAct supports its activists as they make a difference. It is not just an app - it is a movement that allows everyone to collaborate to create a better future.

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