UK's Lekto Wood Fuels Introduces Restaurant-Grade Lumpwood Charcoal

London, United Kingdom--(Newsfile Corp. - July 6, 2022) - Lekto Wood Fuels, a UK-based wood fuel company, has announced the launch of their new restaurant-grade lumpwood charcoal product to help make outdoor cooking easier and more enjoyable.

The company says the lumpwood charcoal is 100% restaurant-grade and easy to light, offering up to 2 hours of cooking time. It also delivers an exceptionally high heat output, heating up to 300C.

"As a natural product, our Hardwood Charcoal contains no added chemicals, making for the highest quality charcoal for grilling meats, fish, and vegetables," said Arturs Kasjanovs, a spokesperson for Lekto Wood Fuels.

"Delivered in an easy-to-store cardboard box containing 3 bags, each bag weighs 4kg. Made from Alder wood."

The lumpwood charcoal, which can be purchased on the Lekto Wood Fuels website, is delivered in an easy-to-store cardboard box containing 3 bags. The company's kiln dried logs, kindling, and BBQ briquettes are also available on their website.

About Lekto Wood Fuels:

Lekto Wood Fuels is a firm based in the United Kingdom that specializes in offering simple-to-use, high-quality wood fuels for open fires, multi-fuel stoves, and firewood stoves. Established in 2016, the company says its goal is to make wood fuel more accessible and reduce reliance on fossil fuels. The website sells an array of wood fuel items, such as hardwood heat logs, natural firelighters, oak firewood, birch firewood, and more.

Press Contact:
Arturs Kasjanovs
Lekto Wood Fuels
Tel: +371 24 917 176

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