Deranged Artist Designs Launches New Artwork by Popular Artist Alex Duarte

New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - July 3, 2022) - Deranged Artist Designs LLC's most prominent artist, Alex Duarte has dropped a new range of NFTs and merchandise through this firm. Deranged Artists is already a well known artist amongst the New York art circuit and their fanbase continues to grow.

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Alex Duarte

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Alex made her mark in the art world and connected with her fans on Social Media at an inter-personal level, the relationships she built with art enthusiasts beyond the regular patronisation an artist gets. Alex displayed her work on her own website and social media platforms. These had become her mediums of interactions with the outside world, and the associations grew into familial relations. She gained much appreciation both as an artist and a person.Deranged Artist LLC

Deranged Artists LLC's series "Mr.Harbour and his 8 ball" consists of many contributing artists. Alex Duarte's "The Blurred Line" is one of those paintings. The painting is set to show in various galleries in New York through the summer. This series is inspired by the bad-boy lifestyle of fast cars, promiscuity and drugs that addles young rich artists of the music industry.It talks about the mask these artists wear to hide their true inner nature. This line is dedicated to bring in money for their "addiction is a sickness" awareness campaign. "The Blurred line" is made of a variety of materials like al fresco, glass stones and neon charged pigments. It has been on display at the Crown Plazas in Florida, was recently up at the Art Basel Miami.

Deranged Artist's LLC is a company founded by Alex Duarte. It caters to a variety of audiences. The largest group of patrons include fans of Visual Art and merchandise. Their e-store is a project where they bring together their artwork, the various inspirations and their indulgent side to cater to their rapidly expanding fanbase. The store is a large collection of T-shirts, swimwear, keychains, mousepads , backpacks and other collectibles designed specifically to support their several philanthropical pursuits which include mentoring, guiding and charity for the talented and the underprivileged across both geographical and cultural borders.

The company's inception was lead by the idea to bring together the unsung Heroes of the Art world. They're given platforms to be selves, and be seen and heard. The dream is to bring together the creative best from a variety of creators including but not limited to visualisers, painters, sculptors, graphic designers, photographers, film makers and musicians. It gives established and upcoming artists' a space to display their work to create and exchange artistic, intellectual and philosophical ideas.

About Deranged Artists LLC:

Deranged Artists stands firm in their belief of pushing the envelope as hard and far as possible.They do this by working with several artists from a variety of themes of sociopolitical standpoints.

About Alex:

A force to be reckoned with is the best way to describe Alex Duarte. A New York City artist with Latin American roots and a pan New York upbringing.Her artwork is an amalgamation of curiosity, angst, rebellion , free-spiritedness and anti-authoritarian themes. Her artwork includes a variety of mediums like digital media, murals, canvas and paper. is the link to her website where one can review and acquire some of her best artwork.

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