The Public Beta Version of Metahub Is About to Be Launched, and There's the Function of Ordinary Templates at Zero Cost

Dubai, United Arab Emirates--(Newsfile Corp. - June 28, 2022) - Metahub is the world's first "Lego-style" NFT underlying trading platform. In order to allow more people to join the NFT ecosystem, Metahub has lowered the participation threshold in many aspects such as minting, trading, and circulation, so that every user can participate and freely create NFTs on the chain. 

On June 30, 2022, Metahub will officially launched the public beta version - basic template, advanced template, professional template, a total of three template levels, users can freely choose according to their needs. The "one-click NFT minting" function in the basic template allows artists to mint NFT for free; the advanced template supports "custom domain name"; in the professional template, the "Create NFT Series" function brings great convenience to users.

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A contract is a series. Users can create multiple NFT series through templates. In addition, users can freely add tokens, etc.

Since February 2021, NFT has ushered in explosive growth. In just a few months, the total market value of large-scale NFT projects has reached 2,000%, and the popularity has once surpassed DeFi. Sports, media, games, fashion and other fields are competing to launch NFTs. NFTs that are "out of the circle" have become the most potential emerging investment products.

However, the current NFT platform generally has a high threshold. In addition, the high technical requirements have also become barriers to people joining the NFT track. Based on this, the public beta version of Metahub, which adheres to the concept of "allowing anyone to become an NFT artist", is about to meet with the world. Many functional templates can meet the various needs of creators. Users do not need to master complex blockchain technology. Rich templates are provided by Metahub to freely mint, trade, and display NFTs.

There are many subdivision options in each function template, such as "page setting template"; users can customize the page name, style, background, and choose a variety of styles at will. Not only that, Metahub also provides a wealth of marketing methods, such as auctions, blind boxes, spikes, group purchases, etc. Payment methods are also varied, whether it is platform currency, credit card or user-issued exclusive tokens can be used as payment methods. This is also the platform feature of Metahub. Users can freely choose templates to build according to their needs, just like putting together Lego. Metahub gives users the greatest degree of freedom, allowing users to be creative, and the combination of templates also brings users a more convenient experience.

At present, Metahub has gathered popular IP resources such as sports, cultural entertainment, and intangible cultural heritage, and has reached cooperation with major exchanges. Users can conduct cross-exchange transactions at any time, and they can enjoy lower handling fees during the transaction process. In order to improve the market efficiency of NFT transactions and to unlock more innovation in the NFT field, Metahub will continue to work hard to release greater potential.

Vincent Wang

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