Standardized Development and Win Together - 2FIRSTS Successfully Held The ECISCC | ECETDC

Shenzhen, China--(Newsfile Corp. - June 17, 2022) - On June 15th, the "2022 the 6th ECISCC | ECETDC" was grandly held at JW Marriott Hotel Bao'an, Shenzhen. The purpose of this conference was to provide e-cigarette export enterprises with services such as policy publicity, industrial chain support, international policy environment support, product and intellectual property certification, and to guide the e-cigarette industry to a healthy long-term development.

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China Electronic Chamber of Commerce President Wang Ning, Bao'an District Government Executive Officer Ling Xiaolu, ECCC Chairman Yao Jide, China Electronic Chamber of Commerce Secretary General Peng Lihui, and Shenzhen Airport Group Deputy General Manager Wang Suichu said in their speeches that the e-cigarette industry is welcoming in the era of regulatory supervision, as e-cigarette practitioners, we must resolutely support the requirements of the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration on promoting the legalization and standardization of e-cigarette industry governance. We should always adhere to the core values of "national interests first, consumer interests first", and abide by the law.

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Figure 2: (China Electronics Chamber of Commerce President Wang Ning at the podium)

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Economist Xiang Songzuo delivered a keynote speech at the meeting, describing the only way for China's economic transformation and upgrading. Stable export growth is very important for a stable economy, employment, taxation, and exchange rate. Taking the e-cigarette industry as an example, it is expected to maintain a rapid growth rate of more than 30-35% in the future. We should vigorously support the new export industry and find our place in the international market.

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The videos of John Dunne, Director General of UKVIA, and Dustin Dahlmann, President of IEVA, were played on the stage. The two heads of associations expressed their approval in the development of standards for China's e-cigarette industry, and the vision to create a better future together. Afterwards, the two associations leaders interacted with the audience in real time using video streaming and exchanged views. The audience spoke enthusiastically and the atmosphere was warm.

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The "Industry Report of Electronic Cigarette Industry Export in 2022" first edition was released at the conference. It was jointly published by the ECCC and 2FIRSTS. In 2022, the global e-cigarette market is expected to exceed 108 billion US dollars, and the overseas e-cigarette market will maintain a growth rate of 35%, breaking past the 100 billion US dollars mark. In terms of exports, it is expected that the total export value of e-cigarettes in China will reach 186.7 billion RMB in 2022, with an expected growth rate of 35%.

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Alan Zhao, co-founder and CEO of 2FIRSTS Technology, released the "2FIRSTS global compliance program" and an upgrade to the official website. The compliance program is to provide support to e-cigarette companies in three aspects: policy research, data, and communications. Simultaneously the Chinese English versions of the 2FIRSTS official website was released and positioned as new tobacco professional media, providing the latest and most complete information reports for domestic and international new tobacco practitioners, providing global communication solutions for enterprises.

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A total of 944 people, including officials from embassies and consulates from more than ten countries around the world, leaders of overseas industry associations, economists, tobacco experts, business representatives, and news media representatives, attended the conference, and nearly 100 thousand attended the conference on stream.

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Vape Valley Award Ceremony

The conference came to an end with the applause of the award ceremony. The first Vape Valley Award commended dozens of outstanding e-cigarette exporters. This conference strongly supports China's e-cigarette industry to further build a standardized and orderly business environment, promotes Chinese e-cigarette companies to further their export advantages, and creates a new level of export business under the premise of compliant development.

The Awarded Enterprises:

Vape Valley Special Contributions Platinum Awards

First Union Group
Smoore International
ALD Group
aspire Technology
SXmini Technology
SMOK Technology
INNOKIN Technology
Joyetech Group
GREEN SOUND Technology
smiss Electronics
IJOY Group
TESLACIGS Technology
CLOUPOR Technology
Woody Vapes Technology

They are awarded for being the pioneers at the early age of e-cigarettes. They were brave few that were first to open up the markets of e-cigarettes and introduced them to the world.

Vape Valley Export Excellence Awards

Relx International
ZINWI Bio-tech
Elego Technology
HQD Technology
UWELL Technology
BBTANK Technology
VapeEZ Technology
Geekvape Technology
JWEI Electronics
DSvaping Technology
HONGFU Bio-tech
ArcTic DoLphin Technology
U-GREEN Bio-tech
FEELLiFE Holdings
MASKKING Technology

This awards for the recognition of upholding great standards and great global influence in the export field.

Vape Valley Novel Exporter Awards

iPURE Bio-tech
VOZOL Technology
KK VAPING Technology
MXM Vapor Technology
PNDUS Bio-tech
Qisheng Industrial
MOOSEE Technology
Ruiyi Technology
Jiangwei Technology

This award recognizes cutting-edge e-cigarette enterprises with good growth momentum in the export field.

Vape Valley Superior Supply Chain Awards

TIMEYAA Electronics
SCD Logistic
FENGDA Logistic
Creativity Exhibition
HCD Industrial
Yunsen Industrial
EVE Energy
Jinjia New Smartpackaging
Hosto Logistics
Tiptop Logistics
Ruimeiyi Technology
BIWO New Energy
Super Cargo Modern Logistics
Yongdeli New Energy
Element Testing
GalaxyLink Technology Services
XinHouTai Electronics

This award encourages companies that make positive contributions to product development, innovation and export in the field of e-cigarette supply chain.

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