Sekuya Brings "Mac" to its Multiverse

Jakarta, Indonesia--(Newsfile Corp. - May 30, 2022) -  Sekuya Multiverse ($SKUY) has announced a partnership with Steven (Mac) McKeon as the advisor for its US market.

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Steven Mckeon - CEO Of Macguyvertech

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Sekuya Multiverse, a four-world addition to the Metaverse, aims to connect the real world with multiple virtual worlds. It launched four months ago and is supported by 11 different cryptocurrency communities. It has also partnered with influencers around the world to explore a variety of applications, ranging from NFT collaboration to Metaverse experience. "We are glad to have Eunice Wong (Crypto Queen), Yuki Aizu (Japanese Footballer), and Evelina Tan (Indonesian Actress & Presenter) on board with us," said Sekuya CEO Haibara. "We're happy to launch Sekuya Kingdom 10,000 3D NFT together with these partners."

MacguyverTech CEO, Steven (Mac) McKeon, a nationally-regarded cryptocurrency and blockchain speaker, is joining Sekuya Multiverse as the advisor for the US market. He has a history of working with both private and government clients. "Mac adds a thoughtful element of experience to the project," said Sekuya CMO NN93. "Having him onboard means a lot of new opportunities for brand expansion and new Sekuya Multiverse users."

Sekuya launched an Ultra Rare NFT series called "100 Legends of Sekuya," which will have ultimate use case inside Sekuya Multiverse. The floor price is now around 99 ETH, remarkable growth from the mint price of 0.8 ETH, as most holders prefer not to sell the NFT. All 100 NFTs will have a useable skin and a landmark inside Sekuya. Also, NFT holders will receive an exclusive Land NFT upon release by the Sekuya Multiverse and receive passive income for serving as the entry point for Sekuya Portals.

Sekuya will launch 10,000 3D NFT into the Sekuya Kingdom by the end of June 2022. This NFT will be more affordable, starting at 0.1 BNB. Uses for these NFTs will be announced through the Sekuya Telegram Channel, located at

Sekuya's tagline, "New Earth Multiverse," means they aim to create a new world that redefines the way we view both the real world and the virtual world. The main goal of Sekuya, is to help users experience an Epic Fantasy Adventure theme. Inside, users will experience mystical creatures, ride new vehicles, and explore fantastic settings like floating islands and even the long-lost city of Atlantis.

The Sekuya team consists of a young but highly experienced staff. They have a brand consultant who managed over 100 brands in 4 years, a blockchain expert, a start-up leader, and a creative architect who draws on his experience to design the multiverse. Additionally, the team is currently in discussions with the Silicon Valley award-winning WIR Group regarding potential involvement in the project. Sekuya Multiverse will release its first domain by the end of 2022.

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