Plexflo to Attend Distributech International Energy Conference 2022

Dallas, Texas--(Newsfile Corp. - May 23, 2022) - The Plexflo team will be attending the 2022 Distributech International Conference, taking place May 23-25 at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, Texas. Plexflo will be located at Booth 132 in Hall B.

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Plexflo is a user-friendly method of finding insight into the future growth of electric vehicles and their stable and sustainable integration into expanding power infrastructures. Their presence at Distributech will put the software in the hands of thought leaders in the energy industry from all over the world; the conference will host consultants, investor-owned utilities, water and gas utilities, municipalities and public power companies, renewable energy developers, and many more.

For Plexflo, generating more users within the energy industry means that more people will be able to perform data analytics and test out various scenarios for expansion of power grids as they relate to integration of electric vehicles (EVs). More people utilizing Plexflo's software means that real steps are being taken toward planning a sustainable future for energy- and with a plan in place for clean energy comes a future in which clean air for everyone is possible.

Dr. Sayonsom Chanda, the founder of Plexflo, has extensive experience within the energy industry. After completing his doctoral studies, he worked with the United States Department of Energy National Laboratories and with large investor-owned utility companies. During this time, he witnessed firsthand that virtually everyone in the energy industry is working toward the same goal- overall improvement and expansion of existing power infrastructure, with the ultimate goal of stable, reliable power grids.

The Distributech International Conference's location in Dallas, Texas, emphasizes the importance of a stable power grid to attendees; it's been just over a year since a winter storm in Texas caused a major power grid failure. This power failure left millions of people without power during freezing temperatures. It was a stark reminder of our reliance on power infrastructures- and of our existing power infrastructures' vulnerability to natural disasters, with the potential to continue endangering lives in the face of climate change.

There are many companies working toward power infrastructure improvements- all of whom are developing their own servers and conducting their own data gathering. As a result, the process of data analysis can be slow and inconsistent. Collecting data can also be a monotonous and time-consuming task. Programs like Plexflo aim to streamline the process, allowing electrical utility engineers to visualize various outcomes for the energy sector when they input various factors like the rate of electric vehicle integration and power grid resilience. Utilizing the simulations that Plexflo provides gives engineers the tools they need to plan infrastructure and network upgrades to prepare the grid for an EV-first future.

However, EVs require electricity- and while our current power grids are (mostly) able to handle necessary charging, increased adoption of EVs will require significant upgrades to power infrastructures. It will also mean that resilient power grids will become an absolute necessity, because access to electricity will mean access to transportation.

The Distributech International Conference serves as a meeting of the minds, where people from all over the energy industry can convene and develop a strategy to carry us into a future where people have both clean air and reliable, sustainable energy.

About Plexflo

Plexflo helps utilities build detailed EV adoption and charging behavior models to improve the sustainability, reliability and affordability of the power grid as it evolves.

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