ReGenMed and the University of Helsinki Collaborate Their Expertise on NAD+ Human Clinical Study

NAD+, a coenzyme referred to as "The Fountain of Youth Molecule", in a first-of-a-kind clinical study with top European university.

Bangkok, Thailand--(Newsfile Corp. - May 18, 2022) - ReGenMed is pleased to announce results of their exciting collaboration and clinical study with the University of Helsinki focused on their recent FDA-approved, proprietary NAD+ product called InfiNADi NAD+™. The study measured the rate of absorption of infused NAD+ with six unique metabolites produced by the human body.

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Merging innovation with clinical research excellence

Regenerative Medicine Co. Ltd. "ReGenMed" are innovative market leaders in providing advanced biomedicine solutions. Their focus to provide cutting-edge products is backed with decades of experience. As part of their recent FDA-approved InfiNADi NAD+™ Anti-Aging Solution, a collaboration with the University of Helsinki was established to enhance the understanding on how NAD+ is absorbed in the body.

The University of Helsinki is one of the most advanced and respected institutes in Europe. With their in-depth understanding of the anti-aging properties of Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+), the coenzyme also known as the "The Fountain of Youth Molecule", the team is at the forefront of promising research. The team has innovated several new and exciting testing analytes that is the first in the world to combine six unique NAD metabolites to assess within human blood.

Innovation that will advance future wellness

InfiNADi NAD+™ is the first pharmaceutical grade, FDA-approved NAD+ in Asia. The product is used to increase NAD+ levels in the body, which is vital to the body's metabolic processes and is known to decline with age. With the support of the University of Helsinki, the research collaboration measured how six unique metabolites are produced during the absorption of NAD in the body. This process reveals the rate and amount of the infused substance that will be absorbed and used by human cells. For doctors, this is critical information when assessing NAD+ products and allows for quantitative evidence that the substance is being absorbed and will benefit the patient.

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The standard method to measure NAD levels is through the use of a skin punch biopsy. From this, the intracellular levels of NAD in the cells are measured. The process is very costly and time consuming as well as intrusive for the patient. Furthermore, there is a very well-established understanding of the decline of NAD as patients age; therefore, treating physicians can assume baseline decline relative to age. What physicians do not know is whether the NAD being infused into the patient is bioabsorbed for clinical benefits. This was the primary objective of the study using InfiNADi NAD+™. The results show an increased level of bioabsorption through the measurement of the six metabolites over time after infusion. This clinical evidence of very high absorption is a world first using the patented analyte kits and offers clinician confidence that the biomedicine being used is absorbed at a high rate and in a very short period of time.

"The need to be able to quantify the effectiveness for NAD+ and how it metabolizes in the body is critical for our treating physicians. Most importantly is the rate and amount of NAD that is bioabsorbed at the cellular level. A clear need for clinical evidence that surrounds biomedicines will drive the industry and support doctors in treatment decisions and improve patient outcomes. We are very excited to be working with a world-class institution such as the University of Helsinki and moving regenerative medicine in the direction to improve options."

- Brian Dardzinski M.Sc.

The project commenced in November 2021, and is the first longitudinal study of its kind on NAD+ and it represents pioneering research for 2022. Both teams are excited to conduct studies on the metabolites of a compound that has been at the centre of international research. The need for accurate biomarkers in the regenerative medicine field allows world-class research institutions such as the University of Helsinki to support these efforts with their patented analyte kits.

About Regenerative Medicine Co., Ltd.

Inspired by cutting-edge innovation, Regenerative Medicine Co., Ltd. (ReGenMed) are the leading biomedicine experts of advanced integrative, anti-aging and regenerative healthcare products. The company manufactures and distributes advanced biomedicine solutions. InfiNADi NAD+™ is the first pharmaceutical grade, FDA-approved NAD+ launched in Southeast Asia. The product is the most used NAD+ in the world with over 20,000 patients to date. Initially focused on the Southeast Asian region, the company strives to make advanced biomedicine accessible to medical practitioners around the world and is currently expanding and looking for distributors in key geographic locations.

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