Trican Well Service Ltd. Announces the 2022 Annual and Special Meeting Results

Calgary, Alberta--(Newsfile Corp. - May 12, 2022) - Trican Well Service Ltd. (TSX: TCW) ("Trican" or the "Company") announces the final results from its 2022 annual and special meeting held on May 12, 2022 (the "Meeting").

The following six nominees were elected as directors of Trican to hold office until the next annual meeting of shareholders of Trican, or until their successors are elected or appointed:

Nominee# Votes For% Votes For# Votes Withheld% Votes Withheld
Thomas M. Alford127,286,80697.70%2,998,9262.30%
Trudy M. Curran128,522,35898.65%1,763,3741.35%
Bradley P.D. Fedora129,214,79399.18%1,070,9390.82%
Michael J. McNulty129,616,70499.49%669,0280.51%
Stuart G. O'Connor129,585,85699.46%699,8760.54%
Deborah S. Stein127,467,03397.84%2,818,6992.16%


At the Meeting, shareholders also voted to approve the appointment of KPMG LLP as auditors of Trican, with Votes For totaling 133,805,579 Trican Shares representing 95.86% of the Trican Shares voted. The Resolution to approve unallocated options under the Company's stock option plan was approved by shareholders with Votes For totaling 127,945,792 Trican Shares representing 98.20% of the Trican Shares Voted. An advisory vote to accept Trican's approach to executive compensation was approved by shareholders with Votes For totaling 105,305,239 Trican Shares representing 80.83% of the Trican Shares Voted.

In addition, the Company wishes to announce that the Board of Directors has approved certain "housekeeping" amendments to its rolling 9.5% option plan (the "Plan") to allow for the cashless exercise and disposition of options granted under the Plan. Under the amendment provisions of the Plan, amendments of a housekeeping nature may be made without shareholder approval.

Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Trican supplies oil and natural gas well servicing equipment and solutions to our customers through the drilling, completion and production cycles. Our team of technical experts provide state of the art equipment, engineering support, reservoir expertise and laboratory services through the delivery of hydraulic fracturing, cementing, coiled tubing, nitrogen services and chemical sales for the oil and gas industry in Western Canada. Trican is the largest pressure pumping service company in Canada. Requests for further information should be directed to:

Bradley P.D. Fedora
President and Chief Executive Officer

Scott Matson
Chief Financial Officer

Phone: (403) 266-0202
Fax: (403) 237-7716
2900, 645 - 7th Avenue S.W.
Calgary, Alberta T2P 4G8

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