Leadbird, Founded by Nick Abraham, Creates 4 Cold Email Software to Help Book Meetings with Fortune 50 Executives

Dallas, Texas--(Newsfile Corp. - May 6, 2022) - Leadbird, a cold email lead generation agency headed by founder Nick Abraham that is currently serving 50+ clients ranging from unicorns to startups, has created and encompassed four different cold email software into its tech stack.

They've managed to book thousands of appointments for their clients by sending hyper personalized cold emails using Quicklines, Inboxy, Scrubby and Emy. These tools have helped their clients generate meetings with multiple Fortune 500 companies.

Nick's creation of these software companies came out of necessity. "While running Leadbird, we noticed that our current tech stack was underperforming. This led us to creating Inboxy, Quicklines, Scrubby, Emy, and Closify. These software allow us to send hyper personalized cold emails at scale while simultaneously helping 5000+ customers do the same for their campaigns," Nick added.

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Nick Abraham

  • Inboxy is the only browser based email warm-up solution that will boost your reputation and keep your emails out of the spam folder. It helps save your domain's reputation by un-spamming, replying, scrolling, clicking and starring your emails.

  • Quicklines can hyper personalize your cold emails. It will take your lead list and write individual personalized intro lines that are unique to each lead. Increases response rates by 150% on average.

  • Scrubby can verify your lead list in real time. Most email verification tools give you back "Accept All" leads which means they don't know if they're valid or invalid. It uses an algorithm to do a live test and give you back accurate data, that only gives two results. Valid or invalid.

  • EMY is an email sending platform that can rotate domains and automate your response handling. Now you can increase your outreach with rotational domains without ruining your domains deliverability. Our software picks up key words to auto insert leads into nurture sequences. Ex: if a lead responds back asking for more information, Emy will automatically put them in a sequence giving them more information.

Leadbird eats their own dog food when it comes to client acquisition for their SaaS companies and Agency. "We use cold outreach leveraging our tech stack to find clients for ourselves and for our clients," Nick said. It makes it easy as all their softwares works in sync. "We've completely bootstrapped our portfolio companies to do collectively over $250k MRR in less than a year. We also did $85k in a single month solely from Quicklines," Nick added.

Companies can also tap into Leadbird's partnership with Closify to hire commission-only sales reps on demand. Leadbird's goal is to put your lead generation on autopilot.

Nick Abraham

Source: Nick Abraham

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